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Introducing Bobby Raver

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, January 20, 2003
For Bobby Raver, breaks are what it's all about. 'Breaks are about playing a style which allows me to incorporate many music genres in one set. That's the essence of breaks - you're not limited to what you play because there is such a huge spectrum to work with. Oh, and it's really fuckin' funky!'

Bobby moved from Perth to Melbourne about eight years ago and became immersed in Melbourne club life. With a combination of his love for music and the support of his friends, Bobby was crowned Bobby Raver and encouraged to become a DJ. 'The name Bobby Raver was given to me by friends and I just can't seem to shake it!'

Bobby who is influenced by most importantly his friends the Escape crew, Green Ant, Right on one(streetrave), Mercury glide, and Substance. 'Much respect to all responsible.' likes nothing more than to see his audience having fun. 'I like to see people dancing, smiling and generally having fun and getting spannered while I am playing.'

Bobby will be playing at Rainbow Serpent Festival this weekend, but deosn't necessarily find the outdoor experience to be the ultimate. 'The totality of the overall music experience is related to various aspects such as the production, people and atmosphere, which you can get in intimate clubs. However, the Rainbow Serpent Festival is always a wicked way to experience music, amongst other things.

I ask Bobby if he has any future plans for his music in 2003, but right now today is enough to sort through. 'I cannot think past what I am doing this afternoon so to think that far into the future is asking a bit much!!! Although, I would definitely be happy to play a few more gigs throughout 2003 and to continue to have fun with it.'

Bobby Raver plays at the Rainbow Serpent Festival this long weekend.