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In Bed With Bias B

Author: Katie Elles
Monday, July 21, 2003
Melbourne hip-hop MC Bias B is back with his second solo album 'In Bed With Bias', due for release next month. Featuring artists like Optamus (Downsyde), Jase (Nubreed), DJ Selekt, Lazy Grey, Bigfoot, Muphin and Hospice Crew, the LP is sure to raise the local standard of Australian hip-hop to new heights.

His debut album in 1989 entitled Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene, it became a classic LP and a defining stepping stone in the history of Australian hip-hop. After ten years in the industry Bias continues to remain at the forefront of the scene. He explains how it all began.

"It all started for me with the movie Breakdance in 1985. From there I started break dancing lessons and got into graffiti and after about eight years on the lines and a couple of early morning raids on my house, I turned to writing rhymes about my experiences."

Since then, Bias has also become involved in many other facets of the hip-hop scene from retail to radio. He joined the Obese Records family in 1995, working in the shop, organising live shows around the country and helping with the establishment of the Obese Records label.

"Obese has been an integral part of my hip hop development as it has been for every local artist across Australia. Without Obese Records (both shop and label), the local scene would not be what it is today. From Ollie Bobbit, to Shazlek One to Pegs, I give all my thanks for where I am today."

Working at the label obviously gives Bias a good idea of what Aussie hip-hop listeners are into. He tells me some of the best sellers are the 'Obesecity Compilation,' Bias Beezwax, Anything by Necro, Brothers Stoney, Matty B, Lyrical Commission, Hilltop Hoods, Muphin and the 'Culture Of Kings Compilation.'

When asked who he regards as being at the forefront of Australia's hip-hop scene Bias plays it safe. "This one could get too personal so I will have to say Bias B for his outstanding efforts in releasing product and inspiring others to get out there and do it yourself."

He is however happy to comment on the Australian hip-hop scene in general. Having worked in the industry for so long, Bias obviously noticed some major changes in our local scene over the years.

"I have seen it grow from a couple of shows a year and a couple of albums released on cassette to almost weekly shows (local and international) and too many quality releases to keep up with. The amount of radio airplay, venues and crowd sizes also continues to grow year after year."

Despite growing competition in the industry Bias is still one of the top artists. He won the 2000 Victorian MC Championship after taking out both the Big Day Out MC Competition and Revolver MC Championships. Why does he think he is still so successful in the local scene-

"I have always been about being myself and always producing tracks that people can relate to. I also never got ahead of myself or think I am better than everyone else because there is room for a little bit of ego but too much will just turn people against you."

Bias is currently working on some new material due for release later this year including a new 12" entitled 'Move On The Pavement' featuring Lazy Grey.

"The track is a take on people releasing one track and acting like superstars. It's about paying dues or as Lazy Grey puts it 'There's two rules- keep cool and roll through.' It will feature Bigfoot on the remix and The Ladies Man B-side with remixes and a Capella."

His next album will be the upcoming Wordburner Classics compilation. But Bias is not prepared to share all his secrets with us yet.

"They'll be a lot of Stewbakka and guests who have appeared on Wordburner Radio RRR 102.7fm 10 - 12 Friday nights. Some live stuff and some unreleased tracks from a group of our favourite local artists. That's all I am saying for now."

You can catch Bias B performing this month at the 2003 DMC Technics World DJ Championships, Victoria Final on Thursday 24th July a