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I give you Misstress Barbara

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, January 24, 2003
My next guest was born under the fiery sign of Sagittarius in Mount Etna, Sicily but grew up in Canada. She took up playing the drums at a young age and spent her teen years donned in purple jeans, docs, and a leather jacket; rock music was definitely this girl's preferred choice.

Following a night out that was somewhat average from a musical perspective; a friend told her that she would love house music, despite not really knowing what it was at the time, she took heed and discovered the wonders of electronic music.

Her passion for electronic sounds turned into a trainspotting obsession, and then a DJ she was to become. With a love for the harder and pumpier sounds of rock, it was obvious that techno would become her thing. She calls her sound 'drummy, funky, pumping techno' and today she travels the globe sharing her love for those driving funky beats.

As it is with so many DJ's the need to get your own sound out lead to the rising of her own label; previously called 'Relentless,' but for geographical purposes is now going by the name 'Iturnem.' In also having a deep love for house music she too wears her Barbara Brown hat and I do believe we can expect a little more vs action between her two identities.

She is an absolute perfectionist in everything she does, which usually results in great deals of stress, she has been flying planes since the age of 17, and when she hits those decks it's a relentless pursuit of musical passion all the way.

She blew the roof off last time she was here in Melbourne and I am sure will do so again when she plays Rotation this Sunday. She's been travelling around the last couple of days but has taken some time out to chat with us. I am of course talking of the energetic, the vivacious, the enormously talented, Misstress Barbara.

How do you cope with your need to be a perfectionist and the stress it puts you under-

I don't know!!!
Seriously. I know being a perfectionist makes me do things better, but the stress related to the fact that I want everything done perfectly really doesn't make me live too well at times. When I am not stressed I can have such a nice relaxing time, but most of the time I am so stressed because there is a lot going on with work, stuff to do and decisions to make, so I end up being stressed 24/24, even in my sleep. But this is who I am…I am used to it now.

You took up flying at quite a young age, when and where was the last time you went flying-

October 2000, quite a long time ago. It's bad! I should go back but to go back I must get my nose back in my books and get my medical papers up to date. There is a lot of logistics involved and I do not have the time right now.

You travel all over the world for your work, and from what I have read Europe is your destination of choice, what is it about the European scene that you are so fond of-

People there don't need an excuse to listen to techno. There doesn't have to be a 'rave' or they don't have to make it a special event necessarily, because it is a normal thing for people to go out into a club and listen to techno. In North America it is like a phenomenon and you don't get a techno night without there being a 'big thing' or a rave or a special event, and then with that you end up having crowds that are way too wasted on drugs, because it is seen like a reason to go and get wasted. With those types of crowds, I can't connect, so I enjoy it less. In Europe, I connect easily because people have more knowledge about techno also, so I do enjoy it more.

You have a flat in London but Canada is your home town, what is the scene like in Canada-

I practically live in both places, Canada and the UK. Since I am in Europe so much I end up being there easily for half of the year…but anyway, the scene in Canada is better than the US in my opinion. It is fresher. But even there, even though there are places like Montreal and Quebec and Halifax which totally rock, the<