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Gwill Morris - Pulling prog out of its arse and onto the dance floor

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Saturday, July 12, 2003
"A lot progressive DJs believe that creating a 'moment' on the dance floor consists of playing shit records for an hour and a half then playing one good one." UK DJ and Producer Gwill Morris is one of a rare few that seems to have this music thing sussed out.

TranZfusion catches up with Gwill to see what he has brewing in the studio, how he copes with having produced 'the best progressive house tune ever', why progressive house DJs need to take a good hard look at themselves and how his 'proper job' in medicine is coming along.

How has your year been and what have been the highlights so far-

It's been a busy year as I have been branching out from 'Silver Planet' to work with other labels so things have been slow. I've sorted out my next release 'time' which will be coming out on 'Skyline Records' in October - which means a whole year since 'Take me down' came out.

I've also changed management recently to work with JM at Progressive Management in Holland. The highlight for me was being in Australia for my tour over the summer (November to January) as it meant I could leave a lot of that stress behind and chill in the sun!

You collaborate with a lot of artists in particular James Holden, are two musical heads better than one-

It can be really inspiring to work with someone else who is a good artist and producer, you can bounce ideas off each other and that sometimes gives you the confidence to lay down things that on your own you might think were too weird. However there can be arguments when you disagree over what should stay in, but I find that only really happens with people who don't know what the fuck they are on about, and thankfully I haven't worked with anyone like that for ages (no names!!).

First Light has been described as "the best progressive house tune ever", how do you top that or do you not let hype get the better of you-

'First light' was one of those things that just came together. James had written a tune that he wasn't quite happy with, and I got the file and remixed it one day. It all slotted into place so easily. Things like that don't happen too often. I never believe the hype anyway, especially since I found out that most journalists in the big magazines work for the publishing group and are subject to 'sideways promotion' - so next time you read about the next big thing bear in mind that the journalist who wrote it may well have been writing for cross stitch international last week!

Many Australians are eagerly awaiting your next releases, what do you currently have on the go-

My new one 'Time' will be out on 'Skyline' in October. It's a more techy number with a big vocal, but the 'trpiiy dub mix' is a bit more club orientated. I have also finished a very melodic funky trance number called 'Forme'. I haven't signed it to anyone yet as I am sitting on it for a while. I have only given it to James (Holden) who has put it on his forthcoming balance mix CD - so you can hear it there first! I tend to put my new ones in my chart or news page on my website, so you can keep up to date there.

Your set at Earthcore last year was brilliant - a complete melting pot of styles, is this how you usually dj and if so do you get restless staying with the one style throughout a set-

Yeah I really try to mix things up because I believe that this is what a DJ is supposed to do! A lot progressive DJs believe that creating a 'moment' on the dance floor consists of playing shit records for an hour and a half then playing one good one. They crap on about 'progression' and other such rubbish. Come on - we are all there to party. If you throw together loads of styles you can keep the set moving and progressing and create loads of great moments as the energy of the different styles takes over. Its great hearing the growl of some evil breaks drop in under some techno.

You do quite a lot of