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Grimus and Teknob- Manic Atari Bleep Evangelists

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Wednesday, September 17, 2003
When they perform live, Grimus and Teknob routinely clean the walls with their gamut of spitting and fizzing electronica. Their obsession with digitalia borders on the freakish but is looked upon fondly by the throngs of punters who come to soak up their fiercely agitated yet cheeky disco sound.

The duo paired up in 2001, and with a preference for good Polish vodka, prawn dumplings, coconut jelly and cold homemade soba noodles, Grimus and Teknob have recently completed their new album 'Bento Box.'

"We have just finished our album 'Bento Box' which we started working on this time last year. Most of the tracks on the album are derived from the various live sets we've played over the past 18 months, so it's very much electro/euro-disco flavoured. The album is available at Slap records."

While most producers are aiming to fuse their music together, G&T are more concerned with the friction they can create. It's an ongoing exploration of friction, driven by Teknob's collection of vintage synths and drum machines and Grimus's array of sonic toys and samplers, and perhaps Grimus's inability to share cookies.

"Friction makes our sound unique and exciting. At the moment Teknob's favourite weapon is his brutal Roland SH2. The Grimus prefers the more precise digital stealth of the Kurzweil K2000."

"I haven't really worked with anyone that has any annoying habits. Certainly not the Grimus, except maybe for his skill in being able to polish of a whole box of Korean cookies in about 5 seconds, without sharing" says Teknob.

One gap that is yet to be filled for G&T is the signing to a record label. Having recently come runner up in the B(if)tek awards for 'Best Unsigned Act', I am left wondering whether the pair have a true desire to get signed.

"Yes, we was robbed in those B(if)tek awards!!! But seriously, I think we could happily get signed, without having to relinquish our freedom. We are always looking for a record deal or at least some distribution for our CD."

A venture overseas however could give them that extra lift as well as fame and fortune.

"I think particularly with our style of music, we could be quite successful overseas. The electro sounds are nowhere near as popular here as they are in Europe. Then there's also the size of the market. So while we plan to release some of our tracks on vinyl, this will only happen in Europe. Luckily, Grimus and I get to spend quite a lot of time in Europe, so this really isn't a problem."

Fame comes in many ways, but for this humble pair supporting the queen of electro is as good as it gets.

"Supporting Miss Kittin is pretty much it, we'll probably swap details, music and arrange to meet up in Berlin later this year."

In what could be seen as a little hurtful and under the belt, I drop my journalistic standards and ask if Grimus considers himself to be the McDonalds of dance music-

"I won't even ask Grimus this question, as I know he resents all references to 'The Other'. The Grimus we all know and love has taken his pseudonym from a character in a Salman Rushdie novel. I think he is the Japan Airlines in-flight soba noodles of dance music."

Grimus and Teknob play "Awesome Live Electro Power Plus" this weekend at War of The Worlds.

'Bento Box' is available at Slap Records
120 Gertrude St Fitzroy

War of the Worlds
Saturday September 20 2003
Click here for full event details