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Grant Smillie on upper body rocking and 6 foot Brazilian women

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, February 21, 2003
Melbourne 'Beat Phreak' Grant Smillie is currently creating some of the most colourfully inspired dance music to have emerged for some time. Complete with sequins, feathers, percussion, sleaze and samba; the 'Beat Phreak' extravaganza promises to be the Carnevale your senses have been craving.

Talking from Lorne, Grant is enjoying a well deserved break. 'It has been a very busy couple of months; hectic to say the least. I have been spending a lot of time in the studio and I am keen to get some production out by the end of the year. On top of that I am also working on a project called 'Beat Phreaks.''

Not just content to stimulate us on an aural level, Grants' 'Beat Phreak' project has investigated the cracks that exist between art forms and bought them together with a flamboyance that will arouse your visual stimuli to no end.

'Beat Phreaks' is a live show with some of the guys from Bad Boys Batucada. We re-edit house tracks in the studio to fit our intended purpose and then add the live percussion over the top. We then combine that with all the flair of Rio Carnevale, and a Capoiera show. Throw in some Samba dancing and 6 foot Brazilian women in fully sequined costumes and feathered headdress and you have one amazingly stimulating show!'

Grant emerged on the dance music scene in 1998 and with a passion for 'Finger lickin, deep driving, electro, U.S house,' Grant has steadily made his way through the ranks to become one of Melbourne's finest house DJ's. Listing Donner Summer's 'I feel love' as his one of his faves, Grant attributes his success to positioning and persistence.

'I think that I have been lucky by being in the right place at the right time. I also buy a lot of records and my sound has evolved, especially in the past year. I am now at the point where I am happy with the direction that it is progressing and if people like it…great.

Like all club savvy DJs, Grant doesn't just limit himself to the confines of house music; exploring other genres keeps him motivated and his crowds satisfied.

'I primarily play house music, but I definitely explore other areas, particularly housey breaks…I love em. I also try to slip in an old Public Enemy or NWA accapella in there somewhere, just to get the old school flavour added into the mix. The CDJ 1000's have certainly helped to facilitate this.'

As Grant prepares himself for this weekends 'Beat Phreaks' extravaganza, he is continually inspired by anyone pushing the envelope, and from a musical perspective; 'Andy Caldwell is brilliant as the new Naked Music, Plump DJ's for crossing genres and DJ Buck just because his music is fat!'

Go and indulge your senses and if you're having difficulty recognising Grant amidst the 6ft Brazilian women, he's the one behind the decks constantly nodding his head.

'I'm an upper body rocker. I couldn't stop nodding my head if I tried!'

Catch Beat Freaks at Family this Saturday February 22
BEAT PHREAKS (Grant Smillie & Batucada LIVE)
Support: Mark John, Larr, Delmo, Quentin, Arlen De Silva, Tim Paterson & Rudeboy.
Doors open 10pm
$15 on the door