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Excuse me Mr Insane People, Jelli D has something to say

Author: michelle pirovich
Thursday, March 27, 2003
Jelli D involves himself in music every day. Be it spinning the funk for world peace, creating dirty basslines on a Roland SH-1000, or constructing tasty rhymes, time is of the essence for Jelli D, leaving few hours for life's essentials.

Three years ago Jelli D was D7. It was at this time that he started playing records. But carrying a growing desire to start writing music Jelli D soon relocated to the sunny warm shores of the Gold Coast.

With a new location and new identity, Jelli D teamed up with good friend and partner in musical crime, Beau Velasco, aka Catfood, and formed the 'Beat Traffikers.'

'It's all a new era for me, and with that came the name. The man behind the name is constantly changing though and I can only say that there are no exact words to pin down any exact moment that could describe him. Jelli D swings constantly from playing, listening to, or making music 24/7, with a little breathing and eating in between.'

Currently spending some time in the studio with the 'true working force in track construction;' Protools, a Mac and an old Roland SH-1000.

'It's a volatile old beast, but if you can tame it at the right time you can extract the most killer bass tones. Nice, warm, fat analogue mess. It be beautiful.'

The 'Beat Traffikers' have just completed two new tracks. Titled 'Junk Dog' and 'The Power of One' they are diverse, twisted and highly entertaining and Jelli D himself is well pleased with the finished products.

"Junk Dog' is a pretty twisto tune. It has a bent country and western intro that leads into a funked out deep and dirty disco vibe with fresh tasteful MCing. Its good fun.'

'The Power of One' is a hip hop track, again with a dirty funk feel, but a really fun track. We were fully stoked with how this track came out.'

The 'Beat Traffikers' don't only impress themselves. After being rather moved by 'Junk Dog' a UK label expressed their interest in the pairs work and a new track is currently in the making.

"Planet Number Three' is nearly finished. This one has taken on a breakbeat feel. It's real deep with funky breaks and chilled spoken word rhymes moving through it. It be nice.'

On top of writing, DJing and producing, Jelli D likes to hit the mic and do a bit of Mcing. Just as his musical tastes cover everything from hip hop, drum and bass to techno and house, Jelli D's MCing is essentially about affecting people in an uplifting manner.

'I try to construct rhymes that will tweak heads in a positive way. Keepin' it fun, though always having subtle underlying messages swimming through the word play when I speak.'

Travelling all the way down from the Sunshine State to Melbourne this weekend for 'Le Resistance', Jelli D is hoping to spread the word of peace.

'Something will snap one day, and when it does, the meek shall inherit the earth. It's one of the most insane predicaments mankind faces. Ultimately every human being must first face their own personal mess and create peace inside themselves. That will then be extended from within and become reality. Its just sad that in this day and age that bombs and war are the extension of the spiritual sickness/crisis we all face.'

'I mean what do you say to Saddam and Bush, excuse me mister insane people, could you just take the time to look deeply into the abyss of your eternal being and eradicate your miserable thought processes. Do away with weapons and lets live peacefully… I've been locked up for saying less!'

'It's unfortunate these mad people have such incredible control and such an incredible amount of verbal bullshit to back up the lies. I'm for peace with it inside first though. No amount of space ships moving further away from the truth in search of the truth is gonna answer questions or solve the mystery, its the only way.'

Jelli D himself took to the warmer reaches of Australia to find his own inner peace. On a musical front found that both Byron Bay, where he regularly plays an