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Discordinated - What's Electroclash- We're More Liberty X On Ketamine

Author: Benedetta Ferraro
Saturday, March 29, 2003
"The moment the media got hold of electro, that was the end. Though I guess you have to live things out in order to get rid of them. Let's see what happens to 'Disco-Punk'…"

Disco-punk's development is likely to be closely tied to the success or otherwise of Discordinated, since their pumping blend of electronic beats and seriously sleazy rock & roll attitude has already seen them marked out as leading lights of Muzik magazine's next nig thing new genre. While ex- Apollo 440-er Harry K provides the beats and classically trained pianist Peter Mauder the tunes, it's Brad Lee who delivers the London based trio's front, drawing on an adult life spent indulging in Ibiza's notoriously extreme culture of excess and a youth that includes running with a firm of Leicester City thugs.

"Put it this way, I know what is like to be chased by 40 or 50 people from another team, if they get you they'll kill you, they really will," Brad told Skrufff's Benedetta Ferraro this week.

"It's a real feeling, to run for your life. It's a working class thing."

Despite his humble origins, however, it was Brad's dealings with Britain's higher classes which spawned Discordinated, namely his close friendship with Dan Wlilliams, a one time boyfriend of Jade Jagger.

"Dan and I came up with the idea for Discordinated together and started off with this single 'Discordinated" which I 'kind of' wrote it in Ibiza, where Dan was living at the time," Brad continued.

"Dan was looking after Smokin' Jo's place and invited me over, we had a look around and found this amazing sound equipment in the house. And like a couple of really excited kids, we sat down and started writing songs. And that's how it all begun."

With Williams now concentrating on his own recording project, Lee teamed up with the other two and six months on, Discordinated are poised for death or glory success, with an album deal lined up with upcoming indie label Seeker Records.

Skrufff (Benedetta Ferraro): How much material do you have ready at present-

Discordinated (Brad Lee): "We've got eight tracks which are pretty much ready and two more tracks that need re-working for the album."

Skrufff: Your press release starts with a Muzik quote saying "it's everything we wanted electroclash to be, but manifestly wasn't", how do you prefer to describe your music-

Discordinated (Brad Lee): "What's electroclash- We're more Liberty X on ketamine."

Skrufff: Liberty X do seem to have become cool all of a sudden… bizarre…

Discordinated (Brad Lee): "I liked their first video where they were wearing some rubber outfits, but we're nothing like them, except if they were on ketamine. The bands I like are the likes of Siouxie And The Banshees and Jane's Addiction, I love Perry (Farrell) he's a great guy. I love that kind of sound in music generally, it's ethereal and organic at the same time. When I was in Ibiza I overdosed on dance music and by the end of my time there I was mostly bored, because I couldn't create what was in my mind, so I tried to mix and match all these elements with the help of a computer.."

Skrufff: You've also lived in Goa before Ibiza, How much did India inspire you-

Discordinated (Brad Lee): "The trouble with living and making music in places like Ibiza and Goa, is that your perspective changes. What is so cool over there is so uncool over here in London. Not that that really matters, but in those places you inevitably immerse yourself in the local environment, which is why I eventually left Ibiza. Because you're living in the middle of nowhere, it was very hard for me to keep up with what was going on in the rest of the world, even though it was idyllic."

Skrufff: Why did you move there in the first place-

Discordinated (Brad Lee): "Like everybody else, I got sick of living in the city. I had a great time in Ibiza don't get me wrong. I was just creating music on my own, then I sent some demos back to some frien