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Bryan Zentz - Doing it without Pepsi

Author: Well
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Everybody lives through 365 days a year, we all endure 8,760 hours a year, the difference is some of us use them far more effectively. It has been a year to the day since TranZfusion last spoke to Bryan Zentz, and in that time he has managed to cram more into a year than many of us manage to fit into a life time.

Besides giving up Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, he has written and produced a techno album like no other. The album "Seven Breaths" continues to push the boundaries of techno and challenges the critics to look at techno as a genre in an entirely new light.

TranZFusion were fortunate enough to catch up with Bryan this week, as he takes time out before he starts all over again with more touring, more albums and more DAT Tapes. This is what Bryan had to say:

TranZfusion: Well it is almost a year to the day since we last chatted, and during that time we have all witnessed the Bryan Zentz phenomenon. In the space of a year, you have achieved what many would hope to achieve in a lifetime. How have you found the last year of your life-

Bryan Zentz: Wow its been just about a year already! ouch... things are flying by it seems kinda scary. Hmm the last year has been cool I guess. Fun times, difficult times also. I dunno the usual. Overall its been a good year for some change and motivation. I also had to travel alot which turned out to be really cool. Met alot of nice people in different places and not to sound cheesy or anything, but that's been the best part of all of this for me.

TranZfusion: Before we get on to the album, lets have a quick chat about D-Clash, which in a short time has become a techno anthem here in Australia. When you first put it together, did you think to yourself, "shit I've really got something here" or was its meteoric success something that took you by surprise-

Bryan Zentz: You never know really how things are going to go over. I did imagine it getting peoples attention though and luckily it seems to work for the most part. I cant say its anything particularily original, but its not really supposed to be. For me its like something to throw in the middle of a really hard monotone set to break things up a little.

TranZfusion: To help end many a countless debate, are some of the sounds in D-Clash sampled or are they all you own stuff- and more importantly how many times have you had to answer that question-

Bryan Zentz: Hah... Ok... Other than a few little vocal snipets all of the sounds are mine. Some people think I sampled the chords from Inner City "Good Life" or something, but that would totally defeat the purpose. The reason for making that track was to do something that was obviously influenced by that sound and time period but have it be something new. Its also a tribute to a certain FM synthesizer called the "Yamaha TX81Z" which was popular back then. Thats where the chord sounds are coming from.

TranZfusion: On to more pressing matters congratulations on getting the new album out, "Seven Breaths". It is has been a fairly lengthy process getting it out there, how does it make you feel that it has finally arrived-

Bryan Zentz: Thanks man! Yeah true. Everything took awhile, but thats just how it goes. I'm glad its completed and out and now I can move on with things. Its all been a learning process on different levels, so in a sense its cool to walk away with some new insights and be prepped for whatever comes next. I like the way the cover art came out. Its cool to see someone's visual interpretation of things as well.

TranZfusion: The title "Seven Breaths" what was your inspiration for calling the album that-

Bryan Zentz: I have an interest, respect, and fascination for Japan, so theres a few loose references relating to Japanese culture in there. The title comes from the belief that a Samurai should make his decision within the space of seven breaths.

TranZfusion: The last time we chatted you mentioned that you are inspire