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Bassnectar - Bass that makes you go aarrgh

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
'I like it when the bass drops and everyone makes that really ugly face; cuz it feels SO GOOD.' If Rennie Pilgrim and Tipper spawned a lovechild, chances are it would have been born in California and crowned DJ Lorin, aka Bassnectar.

Donning a Napalm Death t-shirt and of the opinion that all electronic music was called techno, Bassnectar's life was turned inside out after his first rave experience. This epiphany of sorts resulted in a shameless obsession with morphed musical mayhem. Enjoying the enviable pleasure of sharing his music with frenzied fans, Bassnectar has also been busy down at the lab; unleashing earth shattering remixes for Perry Farrell, Spearhead, and Landslide. From OM Records came his recent release 'Float' which received an eager response from press and artists alike.

On a mission to rid the world of 'cheesy music' Bassnectar has begun spreading his knowledge and skills via the classroom, teaching other hungry music lovers how to mix funky assed beats and create tripped out 'freakwencies.'

When Bassnectar hits the decks this weekend be prepared to surrender your pelvis and open your mind, for there's going to be a lot of 'bass-drenched, throbbing, hypnotic delirium' going down. Spilling vast amounts of mutated bass onto oodles of funk, Bassnectar will collapse breaks into hip hop, trip hop will come out the other side as drum and bass but not before diverting to quirky twisted house.

You recently arrived in Australia, how was the Exodus Festival-

Wicked! I just got back and am a bit wrecked, but it was so worth it; somewhere near 3000 people on one of the most ideal spots for a party I have seen; epic lake with surrounding bush, eucalyptus grove dance floor, MASSIVE system. I had the challenge of playing peak time (2-3:30am) on Saturday night to a predominantly psy trance crowd. I spanked them with heavy bass and tons of wobble and to my surprise it worked out great! At the end I threw in a remix I did of Salt n Peppa's PUSH IT, just to test my luck, and they screamed....I guess it proves that psy trance isn't psychedelic as much as it is weird, unexpected, textured experimentation... anyways, yes, Exodus was the SHIZZY.

You say that you want to rid the world of cheesy music, how is your 'Vegan Music' crusade coming along-

Sheeesh...I got stuck with that when I made a joke in an interview that I was into Vegan Music, because I was sick of cheesy shite, but at this point, I am a cheeky bastard, so I guess the quest failed!

If you're not into cheese then what gets you going, and what affect do you like your music to have on people-

Bass-drenched, throbbing, hypnotic delirium- or maybe just a little sassy release. I like to give people the chance to try out that really dorky dance move you've wanted to bust out since 7th grade and I also like when the bass drops and everyone makes that really ugly face cuz it feels SO GOOD.

Looking over both your top ten and listening to your music, you really enjoy a diverse range of sounds which can be quite rare these days, how important is it for you to keep open minded-

Essential. I see dance floors erupt at the unexpected. As long as the bass is enormous and the funk is a heavy ingredient, I love it when one style melts into the next and I'm dancing to breaks and all of a sudden its heaving trip hop and then doubles up as drum'n'bass, and the next thing you know, it's some fat remix of "Jump Around" and then back into raunchy breaks, and then ultra-sexy house, etc...As long as it's fluid and smooth, eclecticity is a must.

You released 'Float' on one of my favourite labels OM, how did this come about, and will you be continuing to release tracks through them-

I'm just down with those boys cuz we're in the same city. I did do another remix for them that is the business...its Landslide's tune called 'Don't Give Up now' ...tha' Bassnectar remix.

Do you get at least a little excited when Ren