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A*S*Y*S - You wont want to miss him this time round

Author: Lucas Chan
Thursday, May 29, 2003
From humble beginnings as an economics student in Frankfurt, A*S*Y*S fell in love with techno while working as a client service manager for an advertising firm. Inspired by the sound, he decided to become a part of the scene in a creative way. He saved for a year to buy a computer and some keyboards and, after meeting Kai Tracid formed the A*S*Y*S project. Shortly after came his first release and at the end of the nineties Kai called to see if he wanted to continue the A*S*Y*S project on the newly formed Tracid Traxxx label.

"I had no traditional training" he remarks. "I never learnt to play the guitar or piano and I also had two left hands on the computer and keyboards, so the first step was really difficult for me."

In the CD sleeve for 'Harder, Darker and Dirtier Volume 1', A*S*Y*S thanks all the people who understand trance. He equates it to the birth of techno.

"A new sound emerged and everyone in the clubs was so inspired by what they heard that they stood standing there with mouths open and big eyes and that is the feeling I have always felt with trance."

For a short time the single 'Acid Nightmare' made it's way into the German pop charts.

"Hard trance was very popular in the big clubs, especially two years ago but now the cheesy stuff is making its way into the mainstream so we are going back to the underground."

"We were so proud of being different and new, but now it has changed, people are saying that it's declining, it will still be appreciated by a loyal group of supporters though. It's more important for me to have lesser fans but ones who really love my music."

From playing at Dance Valley in front of 40,000 punters, to playing in front of 200 people at Plastic in Sydney, A*S*Y*S is at home in either situation. "they were going absolutely crazy and when you are so close in a club there is a lot more energy coming back to you" he reminisces about Plastic. "I like to communicate with the crowd, it's a confirmation from the crowd that they like my work and the time I have put into my production." "At the same time it is amazing to have a huge crowd in front of you."

A*S*Y*S sites that he is more inspired by individual tracks than particular artists or labels. "This track really hit me" he remarks of John Starlight's 'Blood Angels' which is featured on the album. "I like so many artists that I can't really name them; the Italian producers are getting stronger and stronger so it's really difficult to pick up one." "I like to keep an open mind."

A*S*Y*S had a certain feeling he wanted to create for the album, "so it wasn't too hard to put together." "I wanted to reflect the same vibe throughout the album." "The energy, energy is life and it's no secret that A*S*Y*S likes a darker edge to the music, but not depressingly dark, I like it to be interesting."

Currently A*S*Y*S is concentrating on his own original productions, which will soon be appearing on Kai's label. "Kai doesn't like making a lot of remixes, he feels that it can take away from an artist making his own music from scratch."

Hitting the decks in Melbourne this weekend, A*S*Y*S signs off with a message.

"When I was in Melbourne last July, my show sold out and 300 people had to get turned away, so I hope this time everyone can see me play. I felt really bad last time that people couldn't get in, it was sad for me."

Pharmacy - Harder, Darker and Dirtier Volume 1 is out now
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Friday 30th May