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TranZfusion Demo Decks - Take 2

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, September 23, 2002
After trawling through a barrage of demos, Melbourne's most respected music industry members have chosen four DJs to grace the decks at Magnetic South II. Following on from the success of Magnetic South's premier night last month; Stuart Bransbury, Jason Downs, Guy Keating, and Dean Millson will be mixing it up in the cellblock of the Royal Melbourne Hotel. Proudly sponsored by TranZfusion, those behind the 'Demo Decks' will once again have the crowd roaring for more.

Stuart Bransbury
I always admire a DJ who goes above and beyond to find music people haven't heard before; Stuart is one such DJ. Spending hours searching for new sounds and having record stores from all over shipping them in for him, Stuart is looking forward to testing his new material out on a crowd. At times perceiving his continual search for new tracks as an unhealthy obsession, Stuart's friends would strongly disagree. His first compilation cd 'SuperDiscoUnderground' is now on high rotation in the stereos of all his friends.

With Stuart's musical taste being quite versatile, and this being his first real gig, we can expect this set to be a very exciting one for all.

It can seem like a naff question but every DJ has to be asked it at least once, what got you into djing-
Even back before I got into the electronic dance music scene I've always been chasing new songs to listen to and burning unmixed CDs to listen to in the car. I guess the pursuit of new sounds eventually brought me to the realisation that all the best and newest stuff comes out on vinyl. I was fairly hesitant to get into it at the start since everyone is a DJ these days but once I took the plunge and bought the equipment it all snowballed and I've now got an unhealthy obsession, I think.

How far do you want to take your djing-
My number 1 priority at the moment is the company I started last year so that's keeping my DJing financed but it is also stopping me from getting too involved in the scene professionally. That doesn't bother me though as I like keeping it as a hobby, that way I know I'm only doing it for the enjoyment and not to make a buck. Should I find myself in a position where I have to choose between them I'll have to make that decision at that time, at the moment I have no idea which I'd choose.

Just how difficult is it to break into the scene-
There are obviously alot more DJs than there are slots to play so it is never going to be easy. I can see from my very brief time in the scene that there are some extremely skilled DJs who have been playing for years and still can't get a regular gig for whatever reason. This is the main reason why I'm happy keeping DJing as a hobby right now. I've only been playing for over a year so I don't expect to be able to compete technically with the long term DJs out there.

Is Magnetic South your first big gig-
It's sort of my first real gig. I played a 2-hour set in the sideroom at Room at the start of August. That was more a private party where I had invited people to come down but there were maybe 80-100 people in the room at the end of the set. I mixed a couple of tracks in the main room later that night so that is probably playing in front of a bigger crowd but I'm not sure if that counts.

How are you feeling about it-
Pretty excited, the first Magnetic South event was one of the best events I've been to this year, the vibe was fantastic. I've always got alot of brand new stuff to play so I'm really looking forward to getting to play them all to a crowd, there should be alot of stuff that you haven't heard before.

What can we expect to hear from your set-
A completely upfront set, I spend hours every week tracking down new stuff and get them shipped to me from about 10 different record shops overseas. The set time is perfect for me, as I'll be able to start off a bit housey and then build it up pretty big around 2-3am. Expe