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Something about those herbal pills

Author: michelle pirovich
Thursday, September 12, 2002
Coming all the way from the UK are 'Caps', a herbal based pill that are designed to make you feel great without feeling messy afterwards, its all legal and pretty cheap too. In true TranZfusion spirit the TranZfusion crew eagerly put Caps to the test.

The scientific stuff
Coming in some very funky packaging, Caps contain a herbal ingredient called Sida Cordifolia. It originated from a plant in India and contains ephedra, a natural amphetamine which acts by stimulating your central and peripheral nervous system. It also mimics the effects of your body's own stimulant hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine and has a stimulating effect on the lungs, heart and adrenal glands.

Where do Caps come from-
Repharm are a UK based company who also produce the successful Smart Drug. Their philosophy behind Caps was to create a product that provides clubbers with a feel good lift and energy boost when going out, all without the messiness of a comedown.

The road test
The TranZfusion crew were all very good and went by the recommended dosage of 1-2 caps every 45 to 60 mins and admittedly to begin with we all pretended to be feeling something. An hour or so later though, we noticed an all over tingling sensation, as though someone was performing a static electricity experiment on us. Then the energy boost kicked in and we had an overall feeling of happy, easy going silliness. We topped up several times throughout the night and there is no doubt they kept us going. We remained very alert and happy, both on the dance floor and talking crap to the people next to us. No one felt messy, vague or thought they were going to lose the plot, and to top it off there was no yucky comedown.

Can I get busted with Caps-
Our Caps made it through customs without a problem and the substance inside Caps is legal in the UK and most countries around the world. I have read though that in some clubs people have had their Caps taken away from them by security. I'm sure this shouldn't be a major concern here, but do be careful with them.

How safe are Caps-
The one thing I will say about Caps, is don't take them if you plan to have an earlyish night, I did find it very hard to sleep and my heart was racing for a long time which I found to be a little unsettling, but once it had worn off I was fine.

Apparently Sida Cordifolia, the substance inside Caps has not undergone extensive clinical trials within the UK and Repharm cannot guarantee 'complete' safety of the product. Don't be alarmed, Caps have been around for some time now with but a few adverse effects being recorded and no product can claim 'complete' safety, it all just comes down to common sense.

Wanna try them out
Caps are not available in Australia as yet, but you can purchase them over the internet, go to TranZfusion will be shortly giving away some Caps prize packs, so stay tuned.