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Ryan James - How do you like bass-

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, December 9, 2002
Ryan James, name sound familiar- Not sure- Well if you love hard trance, listen to the radio or even watch Neighbours then chances are that Ryan James has crossed your path.

2002 has been a great year for Ryan, and not just because he spends his days working on the lavish Melbourne soap Neighbours. Ryan has infact began to emerge from the DJing confines of his bedroom into the nightclub, as well as having earned himself a spot on the airwaves of Street FM. 'Both Street and various Melbourne Clubs have really helped me this year to further my DJing career.'

Ryan entered the realms of electroinca a few years back with a passion for trance, but as natural progression would have it Ryan's taste gradually changed, now it's hard trance and NRG that gets Ryan going. 'Over the years, my taste for dance music has become a lot harder, I love hard trance and NRG, and I like it fuckin' hard, fuckin' loud!' As hard and as loud as Ryan might like it, Ryan's approach to DJing is wonderfully simple. 'Nothing fancy…Just killer tracks. I hope to be playing good quality tunes in good quality venues, to people who appreciate the music and aren't just there to get doped off their brains.'

Ryan still considers himself to be a bedroom spinner, but the number of DJing opportunities awaiting Ryan are on the increase and he recently got the chance to share the limelight with a couple of his favourite DJ's. 'I played between Ajax and Mister Ed at Elevate, two DJ's I have admired for ages, it was a pretty sweet moment.'

With the recent demise of Kiss FM (RIP), dance music lovers have been starved of quality dance music over the radio, Street FM however is one station that continues to provides a quality service to dance music enthusiasts, says Ryan 'Street FM is now more important than ever. It's the only underground dance music radio station around, and quite frankly Melbourne and the rest of Australia have been hanging out for a decent dance music radio station for quite some time. Although Street FM is no longer a community based station, it is still providing a community service by giving clubbers 24 hour non stop dance.'

Ryan is host to 'How do you Like Bass' and what you get when you tune in is 3 hours of banging hard trance tunes and interviews with those at the harder end of the spectrum. 'I've spoken to DJ Spoke, Kai Tracid, and Master Kaos as well as Scot Project, SHOKK, and Sakin. I try to keep the talking to a minimum though so I can cram as many tracks into the show as possible.' Ryan has only one criterion for his crammed playlist, 'I'll play any track, as long as it's good. Obviously I do have my favourite artists and labels, I'm yet to come across a SHOKK remix that I didn't like, and Overdose Records just keep releasing quality track after quality track.'

Great attitude and obviously the motivation to go places but Ryan what's the goss on Neigbours.' I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!'

Catch Ryan on 'How Do you Like Bass' 12am Saturday nights on 87.6 Street FM