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Oh Stacey

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, September 27, 2002
I don't particularly care for the event review, with many nights out resembling the one before you get dangerously close to simply creating a template that says 'insert dj name and venue here'. Nor am I keen for being deprived of my eight hours sleep on a school night. This week however I volunteered to increase the ageing process a little for the chance to see Detroit's Stacey Pullen at 'Seven', and I can honestly say that it has been a very long time since I have experienced a set quite like Stacey's.

For aspiring djs out there (and for those who have been around awhile) who want to know how to really make it work, then read on and for those of you who think you have it all worked out, may I take this opportunity to say 'Hello and thankyou Stacey.'

Stacey's ability to melt genres together made playing a 6 hour set seem like an effortless task. His track selection moved from house; chicago, deep and tribal to latin and funky, at times jazz infused, and don't forget the highly emotive and vocal. Once the crowd had been welcomed and were feeling the vibe in came some good old fashioned detroit techno, dirty, dark and hard, and just to mix it up some more there was the occasional appearance from the quirky electro family and a conversational piece never goes astray either.

Its not only what you play but how you play it. The way in which Stacey works the music elevates the crowd to the next level upon level, and he always leaves you begging for more. By really working the effects, Stacey knows exactly how to turn every track into the absolute best it can be. Take it down deep, drive in the funk, and make the beats crunch and grind.

Stacey's greatest talent though, is his ability to tease. He knows just how much driving, crunching and grinding is needed to whip you into a frenzy, and he knows just went to turn it off so it leaves you gagging for more.

As Stacey tempted and tantalised the crowd, there was not a motionless body anywhere, his passion for the music had made its way into us all, and if you took some time to go up the front and watch Stacey play, then you will know that that is another experience all over again. There wasn't a guy in complete awe or a girl wrapped up in a complete fantasy as they watched Stacey work his magic.

As I sit here today at my computer I'm really feeling quite tired, but I seriously don't care, my evening with Stacey Pullen was absolutely perfect.

Photo by Christine Bladeni