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North South East West Magnetic South Demo Decks

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, August 21, 2002
This Friday, previously lost Melbourne clubbers will be heading out to Magnetic South. Taking place in an amazing new venue, Magnetic South will be showcasing Melbournes' finest djing talent. As well as our beloved favourites Sean Quinn, Kasey Taylor and John Course, Magnetic South will be exposing the skills and talents of five of Melbournes freshest new DJs.

Aaron Roach who is no stranger to Melbourne crowds will be opening the night in the main room, and in the cell block will be the winners of the 'TranZfusion Demo Decks.' More than 60 demo CDs were received prior to mid-July 2002 by DJs aspiring to play Magnetic South, and to hopefully break further into the scene. SOON's panel of industry experts selected four DJs, each will play a two-hour set, giving them the chance to strut their stuff in front of the Magnetic South crowd. TranZfusion fired some quick questions at Aaron, Ganz, Steve, Caleb and David.

With an amazing knowledge of music and how it all works, Aaron aka Hypnose has been playing to Melbourne crowds for a number of years. His original style comes from his ability to mix tech-house, trance, progressive and beats into one memorable journey. Be it at @mospehere, Private Function or one of Melbournes' larger events (Love Parade Club Tour, Two Tribes '02, Slinky (PvD), Earthcore, Oracle, NRG Series and NRGetic) Aaron is well loved by his fans, and he can always be seen busting the moves on the dance floor before and after his set. When not behind the decks Aaron is busy producing his own innovative mixes.

You have an extensive knowledge of music, what music did you grow up on-
I think I listened to everything from Beethoven to Led Zeppelin, and everything in between. Mum and Dad have a great collection of old 45's from as early as the sixties, so I guess I had it pretty good when it came to eclectic sounds.

Where do you want to take your music career-
Well, first and foremost I'd like my career to be grounded and established as much as possible locally because I believe this is where it counts most. After I've achieved that kind of goal I'll be pursuing possible interstate and international aspirations. I'm in no rush either!

You have been getting a regular amount of djing work around Melbourne, how hard is it to break into the scene and then stay up there-
It takes a lot of persistence and constant changes around you, including the way you approach each and every set, to maintain a high level within the scene. Breaking into the scene is only half the work as you have to keep everything fresh and on a more than adequate level.

You'll be opening for Magnetic South this Friday, how do you like to get the crowd warmed up for the night ahead-
To me, the opening set is one of the most important as it sets the mood for the rest of the night. I like to cruise things for the first hour, playing some deep tunes with the occasional breaks track thrown in for good measure, then I'll head to a more vibrant sound that will hopefully get the crowd moving for Our House. The kind of opening set depends on the gig really, so I could have to completely change my style altogether to accommodate to the crowd.

What is your take on the current state of Melbournes' dance scene-
Melbourne definitely has something to be proud of, as it seems we are one of the most diverse cities around. What ever genre you're vying for, you'll definitely find at least one night based on it. This in turn keeps our scene fruitful and functioning and gives the punter more options to choose from on any given night. I love the fact I can head to a specialist night or major knowing what I'm in store for!

They have jail cells at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, who would you most liked to be locked up with-
hehe.. My girlfriend's looking over my shoulder so I'm gonna head to a safe direction and say anyone who has ever influenced me over the