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Lucien Foort - Always Changing For The Better

Author: michelle pirovich
Thursday, May 30, 2002
We all have our special moments in clubland and they are made all the more special when shared with the person responsible. My moment was seeing my first international act. It was 1991, happy hardcore and acid house was being well received by a small but enthusiastic group of stompers, as we called ourselves back then. The venue was the whole of the Palace which was a big deal, we normally spent our friday nights in the back room, where the legendary Monkey was held for many a wonderful year. The act was 'Quadrophonia'. For those too young to know they produced one of hardcores most memorable anthems going by the same name.

When I was asked to interview Lucien Foort, who back then was one half of this ground breaking duo. I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to share my excitement about the good old days. It was a moment well received by Lucien. He spoke fondly and with warmth of his first international tour. 'It was my first major event, and it was for Mark James also.' 'It was a whole new experience and there was a lot of pressure to make sure it all went well.' 'Since then I have been back to Melbourne many times and made many good friends.'

With Lucien again coming to our shores for "Slinky' I ask him if there's any chance of him pulling out some old skool numbers during his set. Although, I'm not sure why I ask this, after all its been years since I've pulled the album out myself. 'No I don't think so, that music has bought me where I am today and I like to move on' 'It would be nice if in 10 years people are pulling out their old 'Funk Function' records.

'Funk Function' of course is the Dutch djs production alter ego. His work on this label includes the progressive house gems 'Empress 3', 'Empress Zero' and 'Odysseus', tracks that have earnt him respect from the likes of Nick Warren, Dave Seaman and Sascha. His production talents have also lead to remixes for DJ Taucher, Subterfuge, Rhythm Masters and Kosheen.
It is a success that Lucien attributes to several things 'I am always looking for new sounds, ways to improve my music. I was lucky too, things came together for me and I found myself in the right place.'

One thing that is quite noticeable about Lucien, is his ambition. Even after djing all weekend, which included sets in Ireland, and having his already short sleep interuppted by my phone call. Lucien talks about making music with an admirable degree of passion.

Luciens interest in music began when his mother introduced him to classical music, where he became a masterful saxophone player. His love though for the music of Mantronics, Sugar Hill Gang, Iron Maiden and electropop had him turning away from a life in an orchestra to pursue one in the world of dance music. 'It took mum quite a while to adjust, she wanted me to become a teacher, but she is now very proud of what I have done' Luciens mum isn't afraid to lend a helpful ear when it comes to Lucien's production either. 'She will listen to what I have created and tell me if its too busy, or needs something else.

Lucien still plays the saxophone and the keyboards, but he is not all that sure that being classically trained has helped him wit dance music. 'A little too much can be known. Dance music is more about what you feel. You need to have the energy blended in with the melody. I think music needs to be real, not fabricated like you get with boy bands.'
Lucien has also worked with esteemed 'Evolution' duo Barry Jamieson and Jonothan Sutton. Together they bought us the much loved 'Dragonfly' and 'Miami Nylon' and earlier this year they worked together on the retrospective 'Fluid' compilation. An album that captured the essence of what it means to be fresh and innovative. Lucien seamlessly manages to blend twisted progressive grooves with funky, tech house and there's also that anthemic edge to ensure all your senses are evoked.

With progressive house now reaching a much wider audience and with fans needing to be surprised and rejuvena