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Koma and Bones - and the anonymous one

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, October 21, 2002
They have been touted as one of the greatest acts to emerge from the breaks scene. They are the first ever breaks artists to have the number one and two position simultaneously in the charts, and their track 'Morpheus' has been deemed an absolute masterpiece. Just how then has Andy, one third of Koma and Bones dealt with their rapid path to success. 'It has been completely surprising, a whirlwind infact, we didn't expect so much so soon. We were really quite content just being able to make our tunes.'

Koma and Bones are DJing duo Andy (DJ Koma) and Chris (DJ Bones) as well as drum and bass producer Proteus. From their studio this trio put all ideas and influences together, and Proteus makes it all happen. When asked how Proteus feels about his anonymity Andy laughs 'He seems happy to remain anonymous, it is actually only Chris and I who travel, and we always split the money three ways, so I think we keep a happy ship.'

A ship full of very happy lads it must be. After all they were picked up by Kingpin Rennie Pilgrims stable TCR, from which they released the awesome 'Powercut' and 'Morpheus', then came the ground breaking debut album 'Blinded by Science.' 'After a demo was sent off, Rennie wanted to sign us up, it was too much to take in really. I don't think we could have got a better label than TCR, they are such a great crowd down there and we all get along well.'

Although somewhat on hold until the madness dies down a little is their own slice of independence; the label Forged which was unleashed last year. 'Unfortunately right now we can't spend a lot of time building its profile but we are always looking for tracks. When we can put some genuine time into it we will be working to make it a bigger label.'

Koma and Bones have a unique sound; one that's heavy in vibe, deep in bass and contains the type of energy levels that keep you locked on the floor right to the end. Be it slanting towards progressive, tribal, funky or dark, it's all still breakbeat to Andy, despite the Nu-Skool label that has been bestowed upon them. 'Rennie came up with the name when trying to get the sound across to people. I classify breakbeat as breakbeat, no matter what its angle, it's a mish mash of everything really, but if people need to call it certain things then that's fair too.'

The debut album 'Blinded by Science' was hugely successful. 'Our success has had a lot to do with timing but we also had a product to sell, I know we have a unique sound.' The second album is currently in progress and has the added pressure of previous success hanging over it. 'Most of the pressure for the second album is psychological, and most of it is coming from ourselves in wanting to come up with something amazing. We have a lot more ideas flying in now for the second album, more influences, and more angles to try out. It's dark and moody, as you would come to expect. Its also gelled together more than the first album, I think the first album was a bit up and down, this has more of an overall sound.'

Koma and Bones have had the remix arena well and truly covered of late with Kosheen, Crystal Method, Shapeshifter and New Order all receiving the Koma and Bones treatment. 'I actually think we have flooded the market' laughs Andy. They have also re-released their own singles 'Deadbeat' and 'Powercut' which have now sold another 4,000 copies which has Andy understandably gleaming with pride. 'Powercut would be Chris's favourite, Rennie suggested we re-relase it after getting such an awesome response in the clubs. There are people out there who think you do it to make a quick buck, but if you have something with a solid foundation that can have new life breathed into it, then its great for everyone.'

Andy and Chris have just arrived on our shores and I assure Andy that the pairs enthusiasm for playing in Australia will be well received by the many breaks fans out there gagging to see these two in action. 'We can't wait to get out to Australia,<