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Author: Nigel Tan
Monday, July 22, 2002
Jay-J is a San Franciscan House DJ/producer whose love of the music oozes out of every track of his new album "Reflections". When hes not behind the decks at the like of "Love", "The Sound Factory and "1015 Folsom", he's behind the mixing desk in his own world class Moulton Studios. It is here where he worked with the likes of Miguel "Migs", Julius Papp and Chris Lum. His producing talents have extended to the fantastic "Naked Music" series which have consistently proven themselves as a benchmark for quality cheddar free House music. To find out more about "Reflections", check out the review section, and then go and see him when hes here on 27th July at Kitchen. In the meantime Jay-J kindly spent sometime answering some questions to help us get to know him better.

NT - For those that are unfamiliar with Jay-J, could you describe in your own words your style House-
JJ - Energetic soulful house. Vocals, Instruments uplifting themes and very musical.

NT - Is this the predominant style in San Francisco-
JJ - Well I think so. I probably play more vocals than some SF dj's and maybe a bit more uplifting than some but certainly the crew of people I hang with play real similar styles.

NT - Have there been any other types of dance music that have taken your fancy-
JJ - Well I spend a lot of time in the studio doing house records so I really don't listen to other styles of house much. I like smooth Jazz and my friends make fun of me for it. But I like the relaxing quality to that music. If I am not listening to House its smooth jazz.

NT - We don't seem to see the same sort of exposure for House music on the US charts as we do in Europe and even Australia. What do you see as hindering the popularity of House in America-
JJ - Well mainly Radio. We don't have radio support for deep soulful house tracks. If the station plays "Dance Music" it is usually whatever is the cheesiest dance records out there.

NT - Is that a bad thing-
JJ - I think its a bad thing because many people might like House if given the opportunity. Since I love House Music so much I certainly feel that the more people get turned on to it the better.

NT - "Reflections" has a production quality and a maturity that other dance albums just can't seem to duplicate. What assets do you feel that you have that enable you to produce such quality-
JJ - Well thanks for such an amazing compliment. In terms of the production and sound quality then first and foremost I have spent years building a studio with world class gear and have spent numerous hours analyzing house records and what makes them good. I have tried to make good sounding records as well as good overall records. I am glad you think I produce quality music. That certainly makes me feel very good about doing the music. It's great to hear other people who like the music I do. I am not sure what it is about me that enables me to make quality house. I guess it would have to be the fact that I love House music and strive to be good at it.

NT - What extra do Chris and Julius bring to your music that you might miss otherwise-
JJ - They bring all the cheesy parts. . . Just Kidding. Chris and I can be a little more Funky when we're together and Julius and I are more Jazzy. But at the same time I have done Funky records by myself or with other producers and the same for Jazzy sounds.

NT - This production quality is very evident in the "Naked Music" series as well, other than "Reflections" are there other productions that we can look out for-
JJ - Kathy Brown "Good Love" Defected Records
Jay-J and Chris Lum "Stronger" Remixes 83 West
Jay-J "Mother Fuking Name/Hayes Valley" Siesta Music
Latrice Barnett "Without Love" Moulton Studios Recordings
Nathan G "How To Fly" Transport

NT - Who is doing it for you at the moment - music wise that is-
JJ - Tiefswartz (they make me wanna sell my gear and get out of the business) Jazz N Groove (Tried and true champions of ene