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Global Eyes 3 - Celebrating the Creative Spirit

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, December 6, 2002
From its beginnings three years ago, Global Eyes have bought artists, writers and photographers together to produce a collection of work that celebrates the creative spirit. By creating a place away from the mainstream and mundane, Global Eyes have provided those within the electronic music community with the opportunity to express and explore. This year the creativity has continued to flourish and within the Global Eyes 03 package you will find a Handbook/Industry Directory, a calendar/poster that highlights dates and events of interest, a set of postcards and an audio cd.

The Handbook contains two parts, a yearbook and an industry directory. The yearbook is a sensory feast, with work from photographers, writers and artists, and those featured have dived deep into their consciousness to explore worlds that exist well beyond the commercial and predictable. With a vast array of intricate digital images, mutoid waste sculptures, installations and twisted visions to discover, you will be left feeling ever so inspired time and time again. Writing too features heavily, with a profound collection of essays and stories, both fact and fiction.

Turn the book the other way around and you have an informative Australian music industry directory; promoters, labels, distributors, retail, media, industry associations and audiovisual crews are all listed and simple to find.

The calendar from where Global Eyes began is once again an absolute must for your walls. Double sided and massive, two artists have been commissioned to display their exceptional talent. This time around we have the first half of the year illustrated by Tina Zimmerman (Germany) and the second half by Android. (Melbourne). To do these images justice is another article in itself, the colours, detail, and worlds that have been created through these images is something you really must see for yourself. Important events, festivals for the year, as well as a day to day showing of the moons activities are also included.

Next up in our Global Eyes collection are the postcards, every publication comes with 4 different cards and the artists are once again from everywhere around the globe. As well as acting as a vehicle for self-promotion for the artists, these cards work to truly expose the incredible diversity that lies within the electronic music scene.

The audio cd contains 10 tracks; 5 previously released the other 5 unreleased, and the music is as dark and twisted as it is uplifting and funky. Featuring Southern Outpost, DJ Godfather, Transllusion, Precision, Phony Orphants and Deetron, a deep canon of experimental, imaginative and emotional work has been produced here and it's a very easy album to get totally lost in and some decent headphone loving wont go astray either.

Global Eyes 03 costs but a mere $30 and with there being plenty to read, look at and listen to, it is well worth the investment. More importantly though we should support those who continue to create the wonders that exist within the realm of electronica.