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Forshaw first steps foot in Oz for War Of The Worlds IV

Author: Jana Hargrove
Thursday, September 19, 2002
Michael Forshaw is Blackpool-based Electro/techno genius formerly known as Ipii Tombei. Back in '88 Forshaw was spinning acid house, electro, italo house, techno and hi energy. After 2 years clubbing fulltime, 1990 saw Forshaw with a residency in Cardiff, UK. In May 1996 Forshaw launched the label "My Breathing" which is still active although he doesn't release on it anymore.

With a taste for vinyl, Forshaw and long-time friend & partner Chantal founded a new label for the underground techno scene 'Chan 'n' Mikes Records'. Forshaw is currently running and releasing hard and crazy tracks off 'Chan 'n' Mikes' and expects his new single 'Chan07 - We brake for nobody' to be hitting our shores in mid 2003.

War Of The Worlds brings Forshaw to Australia for the first time and he thinks it will be the biggest party he's played so far, commonly playing clubs of around 500 - 600. Forshaw is one of the front acts on the night and he plans to be belting out 'a mixture of electro, techno and some jackin' booty trax'.

Sept 28th brings us the fourth WOTW (Altona) with four internal acts and over 30 DJs
across five arenas, with promoters claiming it will be 'party of the year' for 2002. Forshaw thinks they'll pull it off nicely. He's expecting Richie Hawtin to go down well but wants to hear all the local DJs. "I often find that the residents are miles better than tha big name DJs.

Forshaw's been spending the last month solidly working on adapting his live set into his new live sequencer. He's hoping to get more gigs, spreading the word and making his presence felt. He also has 3 releases lined up on chan`n`mikes by other artists. The coming soon list includes:

Chan08: Nino fight - the best product
Chan09: Cannibal cooking club
Chan10: Tomas Nordstrom - dist of fury

Chan 'n' Mikes has recently developed a website which Forshaw says has increased their popularity. The best feature of the site is being able to post things on a news page and - if you're lucky - receive feedback from the man himself.