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Feeling flatter than a flounder-

Author: michelle pirovich
Sunday, September 29, 2002
If you've had a big weekend chances are by now you're feeling a little less than average and you know that terrible Tuesday and even worse Wednesday are still to come. 'Zero', the newest product from Repharm, has been put on the market to help make the comedown process a little less nasty.

What is the come down all about-
The come down, it's the price most of us are willing to pay for a great night out, but what is it that makes us feel like absolute shite for a week after we have spent a weekend feeling on top of the world- The answer lies mainly with serotonin a neurotransmitter in our brain. Serotonin effects our mood, hunger and sleep patterns, and when drugs, in particular ecstasy are taken, large amounts of serotonin are released, bringing on heightened states of euphoria, alertness and verbal diarrhea. However once the drugs wear off our serotonin levels which have been considerably depleted, bring on the reverse effect, moodiness, an inability to concentrate and in some cases serious depression.

What is Zero and how does it work-
Zero is made up of three separate capsules, the most important being the white capsule. This contains tryptophan an essential amino acid needed for the synthesis of serotonin and after a big night out it will help considerably to regulate your mood and sleep patterns. (In fact next time grandma tells you to drink warm milk before going to bed, do as she says, milk is very high in tryptophan.) The other two capsules which are seriously pungent contain that special ingredient to have emerged from the nineties antioxidants, which work by flushing out the free radicals from your kidneys. The capsules are also packed full of multi-vitamins and nutrients, which will provide you with much needed ingredients depleted from your body over the course of a big weekend.

Does Zero work-
Ministry Magazine have said 'We've tried them, and can tell you that they're to comedowns what Alka Seltzer is to a hangover.'

Disregard the overpowering pong that hits you when you open these babies up because you will find by Monday lunchtime that you feel relatively normal, concentration and alertness at work won't be as much of an issue and your general state of crapness won't be there. Come Terrible Tuesday when moodiness is normally ripe and it's in the best interests of everyone around you to stay the hell away, you will find yourself most pleasant to be around, unless of course you're normally a grumpy bum. By midweek, it won't all feel quite the chore it usually does and there won't be any of that 'I'm never going out again' banter.

Zero the bottom line
Zero definitely helps with your comedown, you will find that your mood swings and weekend after health aren't as badly effected as they normally would be. However this doesn't in any way mean that it is now safer to indulge in drug taking nor does it mean that you should get mashed more often. The same health and safety issues are just as relevant as before. What Repharm have done though is take a responsible stand on going out, drug taking and its after effects. I'm quite sure that Zero will soon become as much an essential to your night out as chewy and lip-gloss.

Zero's are not available in Australia as yet, but you can purchase them over the internet by going to