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Far from Beginerz

Author: Jana Hargrove
Thursday, September 5, 2002
After interviewing Ewen MacNeill (aka Def-e), one half of duo 'The Beginerz', I found out a little more about the lads and how they feel about the success of their first single 'Reckless Girl'.

Based in the UK, Def-e and Ibi Tijani met in 1999 through Dom B of the Stanton Warriors. Def-e and Dom have been friends since school where they "got into trouble together" and have kept in contact over the years. At the time they met, Ibi was working as a programmer with producer Rollo Armstrong and Def-e was DJ-ing about the place.

The Beginerz are very happy but also mildly embarrassed about the bidding war between record companies that went down because of 'Reckless Girl'. Def-e says he and Ibi are gob-smacked about the success of 'Reckless Girl' and that it's totally unbelievable. "When you produce music that you're really happy with it's even better to have other people like and support it".

Both Def-e and Ibi are fans of the 50s and 60s musical era. Def-e explains "vocalists of that era had no age constraints. They were more life experienced because they were older. Today there's a sort of teeny bop culture, but they're voices are not all that great really." Irene Reid was in her 50s and had a beautifully developed voice when she sang 'I Must Be Doing Something Right', the song which The Beginerz sampled for 'Reckless Girl'.

When Fatboy Slim, Seb Fontaine, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and Judge Jules spin your record it must feel pretty damn good right- When I asked Def-e about this he said "they're the market who would play your music and although you don't idolize them you know they're good so it makes me very happy".

These guys listen to everything across the board but particularly like the 50s and 60s era stating that it's their main influence. "Everybody in music is influenced by other artists. If you hear something you like then you say now I've got to go back and make something as tight as that."

The 'Reckless Girl' video features some wacky animation. The Beginerz said they didn't want anything live for the video nor do they want photos taken, explaining they only want caricatures drawn of them. They actually asked for bad, South Park style animation, Def-E stating "It's all about fun".

The Beginerz have already done a 'Terror' Remix for Fused as well as a Mousse T Dub and Vocal Mix. They've also Remixed First Choice which has vocals of a similar era to that of 'Reckless Girl' and have a Ministry one on the way, under the Hussle label.

They have a contract with Cheeky/BMG to make an album but Def-E states that won't be ready until about a year down the line. The duo are seeing how each day turns out and don't believe that deadlines work too well in terms of quality.

Totally happy with their efforts and two guys who can't believe their luck, The Beginerz keep working hard and worry only about getting up each day - and they even look forward to it. Nice one.

Def-E News and Stuff
Def-E got his name when he was about 16 years old. He got a pretty bad ear infection and was slightly hearing impaired so everyone called him 'Deafie'. He decided to take out the 'a' as 'deaf' wasn't too suitable for the music industry.

No longer involved with Champion Records - the label responsible for such greats as Sandy B, The Groove Junkies and Shawn Christopher - Def-E split with them on the release of 'Reckless Girl' stating only that "it wasn't pretty".

Def-E has however managed to keep his solo DJ-ing efforts of the underground scene going. He's still recording for Audio expression under the guise The Meen Hombre and doing remixes with a friend under The Jaded Hombre, expressing to me that he's crap at thinking of names. The busy lad doesn't rest there, still working on Low Pressure as Def-E.

Although still under construction, The Beginerz have a website at or you can email them at