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FC Kahuna - Mixing it up for TranZfusion

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, November 29, 2002
Seven years ago TranZfusion became somewhat the pioneers of electronic music streaming; providing music lovers with mixes from the superstar dj right through to the bedroom spinner. As time goes by both the quality and variety of mixes in our library continue to reach new heights. Needless to say, we were rather chuffed to receive this mix from UK's FC Kahuna.

If you are familiar with the work of Dan and Jon, then you can expect more of well…not the same. This mix reflects FC Kahnua's distaste for the mundane and mainstream, it's a dirty, rock infused, electro laden, acid splashed collection of tracks and it deserves some decent speaker rattling action, so turn it up loud.

Dan and Jon rose to fame with their infamously decadent club night 'The Big Kahuna Burger,' named after the favoured fast food hangout in Pulp Fiction. There they played a mash up of techno, rock, hip-hop and soul to an underground assortment of rockers, rave warriors and beautiful people, and all were there to take in the sounds that defied the commercial realm and payed homage to the anything goes ethos of the acid house pioneers.

Night after night of excess soon took to the wayside and FC Kahuna decided they needed a change "It was like a long weekend, really getting twatted all the time and not having much quality control." "Kahuna was very decadent, out of its mind, like a lunatic asylum. But we got bored so we withdrew to find out what we wanted to do. Just as we did when we started the club."

Enter London's notorious Turnmills where FC Kahuna play host to 'Headstart.' In stark contrast to the pub basement surroundings of Kahuna Burger, Turnmills boasts a vast area of space and an elaborate sound system, all of which Dan and Jon have taken took full advantage of to unleash their genre defying, retro/futuristic sound.

From the surrounds of Headstart have come FC Kahuna's debut album 'Machine Says Yes' and its wooing music lovers everywhere. "I can't overstate how important Headstart has been. It's an environment where we can experiment and hone our sound, and as a group of people we all feed on similar things. We get a chance to play alongside the people who we've always considered to be the key worldwide purveyors of cutting edge electronic music, like the Aphex Twin and Andrew Weatherall. It's just totally focused us."

If you're looking for something fresh and feisty, take a listen to this mix and if that's not enough, then maybe you need the album too.

Stream Mix Now:
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Mix Tracklist
1. Le Tigre - Deceptacon (dfa) [Chicks On Speed]
2. Macho Cat Garage - Nightbirds [Downlow]
3. FC Kahuna - Nothing Is Wrong [City Rockers/Nettwerk]
4. Sir Drew - Shemale [Kingsize]
5. Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place [White]
6. Smash TV - Nobody [B Pitch Control]
7. DJ Linus - Who Stole the Stoul [Brique Rouge]
8. Bronx Dogs - You Can't Be Funky [Illicit]
9. Sylvie Marks + HAL9000 - We [B Pitch Control]
10. Primal Scream - Autobahn 66 [Columbia]
11. FC Kahuna - Glitterball [City Rockers/Nettwerk]
12. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Chicken Lips) [City Rockers/Nettwerk]

FC Kahuna's debut album ' Machine Says Yes' in stores on Nov 19th