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A Ravers Tale

Author: michelle pirovich
Tuesday, March 19, 2002
It is as essential an ingredient to your evening as glo sticks and chuppa chups. I am referring to the Post Party Verbal Diarrhea Session. Your closest friends and probably some newly found ones all lounging about at a friends, a bit of doof playing quietly in the background, warms cups of caffeine packed coffee in everyone's hands and any leftover goodies are quickly gobbled up...and then it begins. A run down of the evening, how awesome that last set was, and what about that damn guy who just wouldn't go away, who the fuck was he- and did you see those guys filming me, I was going off...Then natural progression leads the stories off in all amazing irections...nights out from 5 years ago, the crazy old things you did, youve probably heard them all before but noone cares, its these stories that keep us doing it week after week, year after year.

With the amount of memorable material out there, the crew here at sector 7G have decided that the time has come to document the best of it before it all gets sucked up into a deep dark vortex out there somewhere.

So this is the deal. We want you to get your memory working, no matter how hard that may be and come up with your most memorable night out and put it down on paper. It can be anything at all, you don't have to use real names in fact you can make half of it up. This isn't going to be a book packed full of facts and statistics, its purely for entertainment value, we want you to make everyone laugh, cry , scream and squirm, we want the guts and the glory.

Once you have written it down find some photos to go with it and send them into us either via email to or the good old fashioned way PO Box 13216 Melbourne 8010.

Make this your opportunity to become part of melbournes rave history,

There's nothing stopping you.