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War On Terrorism: Mutiny- Music Can Bring People Together

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 24, 2001
Usually filed under the same eclectic/ beats/ Latino category invented by their mates Basement Jaxx, English duo Mutiny are currently causing similar amounts of media excitement. Hooking up with Skrufff's Jonty Adderley this week for an interview to discuss their new album, the duo of Dylan Earl Barnes and Rob Davy were also happy to share their thoughts on the US Terror attacks.

Skrufff: What was your initial reaction to the bombings-

Mutiny (Dylan Earl Barnes): "I was shocked, it was difficult to take it all in at first, I was getting constant phone calls from people asking 'Have you heard what's going on-' I went home and watched the TV until 3am. On the one hand it makes you realize how small and insignificant what we do is; on the other hand it made us realise that music is specifically one of those things that brings cultures together. I'm talking about all cultures and all countries including the Moslem countries involved. There's too much (media) emphasis on the splits within society. My only problem is that George Bush appears to becoming a little too erratic and could cause even more problems in the world. You've got to be really careful who you retaliate against. I'm worried about us getting into some mad war and starting to bomb civilians."

Skrufff: There remains a huge amount of anger. . .

Mutiny (Dylan Earl Barnes): "I understand that anger particularly in the short term, but I don't understand the idea of people beating up Moslems on the street. People need to be more educated as to what's really going on. The trouble is, there's been lots of scare-mongering. I was getting emails all last week for example, with people quoting Nostradamus. For f%ck's sake, chill out, this is making it ten times as bad."

Skrufff: Are you expecting to continue travelling-

Mutiny (Rob Davy): "It hasn't changed our views of travelling has it- Apart from me still hating flying."

Mutiny (Dylan Earl Barnes):"It's not going to change my views, I love travelling the world and it's one of the greatest perks of this job- we get to see the most amazing places and meet amazing people and we get to do what we do, which is show them our musical culture."

Mutiny's debut album In The Now is out now on Virgin. We'll be featuring an additional music related interview with the guys, shortly.

Jonty Adderley