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US DJs Can Rise From the Terror Attacks, Says Global Underground's Justin Scott Dixon

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 28, 2001
Upcoming American DJs struggling to compete against European superstar DJs could benefit from some of the consequences of September 11th, progressive trance DJ Justin Scott Dixon told Skrufff's Jonty Adderley this week, speaking from his Florida home.

'I intend to see if this will actually help American DJs domestically because I think people are going to start paying more attention to those from their own country,' said Justin. 'In America, there's been a tendency for people to look overseas for DJs, which has led them to ignore local talent. Hopefully, this will change and provide more opportunities for many of the American DJs who are not admired as much as they should be, because of the fact they're standing in too many shadows.'

Justin was chatting about his new Global Underground signed single Pure, a tough progressive trance number which first attracted attention when it appeared on Pete Tong's Twisted Beats compilation. He's also no stranger to the world of celebrity superstar DJs, being a close contemporary of Sasha as well as the boyfriend of America's number one sex symbol DJ Sandra Collins.

Skrufff: How have you been affected personally by the US attacks-

Justin-Scott Dixon: "Speaking as an artist, they've had a major effect on my creativity. That's because everything that I do is influence based, ie when I make music it's usually based on the way I'm feeling at any particular time. I mainly make club music and one of the things that has always fuelled my imagination is being in nightclubs. Now that this attack has happened in New York, it's had a dramatic impact in the same way as if I hadn't been to a good club or DJed in a while. My inspiration level is down, so what I'd normally do would be to go out (clubbing) again. Now, I just have to turn on the TV and it affects me. As an individual, I rely on what else is happening in the world to be able to feel comfortable and all that's been shattered."

Skrufff : Have you been out clubbing since September 11th-

Justin-Scott Dixon: "No, my girlfriend (Sandra Collins) has been out a couple of times and she said both events went really well. She said both places were packed with people really going for it."

Justin Scott Dixon's new single Pure is out shortly in Global Underground. We'll also be featuring a longer music based interview with Justin shortly.

Jonty Adderley