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Totally Fucked Up [Part 1]

Author: Jo Vraca
Thursday, September 13, 2001
"When are you baseline normal- When do you have true experiences that aren't mediated by a chemical- You take stuff to go up, out, off, down. When do you just 'BE'-" - Mark, 23, a punter

It's going to go down in the annals of music. I'm talking about that infectious line from 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer' by Queens of the Stone Age that goes something like this: 'Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol, c-c-c-c-cocaine…' It reads like a chemical who's who of our recent NYE mega-blast. But they forgot LSD, crystal meth, nitrous, GHB, amyl, ketamine… Like, what do they know about good partying anyway-

Probably a hell of a lot more than the growing numbers who are munching, snorting and toking their way through the average night out. It's a matter of statistics and a growing trend - people, we're using more and more drugs and combing them without giving a toss about the effects - 'cos it's okay, you know. You only had one bad one, you've never made it to emergency and the next time was real chill. And with the growing inclination shifting towards getting fucked up rather than getting high, you've got yourself a bubblin' brew Ma.

What happened to being Loved Up- Are we going too hard-

So, what did happened to being 'loved up', to that sense of community that ran rampant at parties- I'm not seeing enough group hugs going on. What happened to taking one pill, talking a lot of shit to people you've never met, having a dance and going away feeling satisfied over a night well spent- When did we start caning it and thinking that the second or third pill plus the line of meth and/or ketamine, some acid, a few lines of coke and some pot for the comedown was going to make it so much better than the first time- Is it some sort of desperation to reclaim that first rush-

Here's what a few people had to say:

"I remember about 8-9 years ago when I first got into the party and E thing, people would take half with a glass of champagne or beer and then smile and laugh and dance like they were in heaven all night. Now people are popping a full one before they go in and then another one or more later in the night… Also a lot of the music now is quite serious with not the fun happy sort of vibe included… The fun lovey dovey feel is brought on by fun lovey dovey music."
- Sandra, 27, musician

"Caning it is environmental, genetic and a social anomaly internally developed by individuals to escape from their lack of appreciation of reality."
- Cam, 31, promoter

"We want to transcend the usual experience but often end up loosing grounding and overall focus, In some quarters however I get the feeling people are questioning their drug intake, focusing on social and environmental issues, herbal highs and dancing high. [Being loved-up] comes from a positive party vibe of goodwill, with or without chemical or herbal stimulation"
- Mike, 27, journalist

"We've been canning it since dot. Every indigenous people have their own drug. I reckon it's an aggression release that 'war' or battle used to deal with a bit - we don't do that no more. We've also got so much shit going on these days that we've got to release it somehow or pop goes the weasel. Loved up was the ideal, the secret hidden reason. Now it's not secret or hidden any more. The cause has been diluted."
- Michelle, 29, journalist

"Combining drugs is fun. It's the layering effect, if you can cleverly start on one and finish on another you should be able to delay the effects of coming down - by the time you start coming down from the last treatment, go to bed! You effectively become your own chemist."
- Nancy, 23, punter

"I love rollercoasters."
- Janet, 32, promoter

I mean, just look around you at the next event; people are drooling over themselves not to mention throwing up all over complete strangers as that one person did at Tekstep this NYE. And just check out the party language which has become increasingly aggressive - wasted, trashed, fri