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Par-T-One: I Believe In My Country and I'd Go To War

Author: Skrufff
Friday, October 12, 2001
'I'm So Crazy, Par-T-One's INXS sampling rock/dance crossover anthem, has already been one of the biggest records of Ibiza 2001, which led to even greater support from the UK's most influential (pop) tastemakers Radio 1. Worldwide success now appears certain for the Milan based trio of Sergio Cassu, Andrea Pareo and their manager/collaborator Fabio the Fab, whose Faith No More style stormer is just their second joint collaboration. The group formed around Disco Inn, Italy's best known specialist record shop, while Sergio recently unveiled a surprising past as an officer in Italy's armed forces.

"I joined as a junior officer when I was 18, and even if I'm not technically still in the army anymore, my rank has risen over the years." So says Sergio Cassu, one of the Italian producers behind the soon-to-be massive INXS sampling Ibiza anthem I'm So Crazy. Happily calling himself a 'psychopath', he admits he'd still be prepared to go to war, if called up to serve again.

"I think it's right because I made a choice and I swore to serve my country all my life," Sergio told Skrufff's Benedetta Ferraro this week, speaking in London. "I believe in my country. Actually, I'm one of those people who cry when they hear their national anthem."

Skrufff: What was your reaction to the bombings in New York-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "I was watching the whole event live on TV and I was shocked. Italians feel that to defend our democracy we have to act the same way as the US and all its allies are behaving. I think the English have been affected more by what's happened because they've often been victims of terrorism, and you can really feel the tension in the air. Personally, I reckon we have to deal with this problem as soon as possible because maintaining our freedom and democracy is fundamental for the survival of our society."

Skrufff: Why did you become an army officer when you joined up-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "I joined as a junior officer when I was 18, and even if I'm not technically still in the army anymore, my rank has risen over the years. In Italy it's mandatory for any male to join the army at 18. I enrolled as an officer because I didn't want to be a simple recruit. I wanted to be paid and to be sent outside Sardinia (his home). It was a desperate measure if you like."

Skrufff: What did you learn from the army-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "Firstly to respect people, regardless of their status in life. If you are in a position of authority it's easy to abuse your power, but if you look at those under you as human beings you can relate to them and treat them properly. In addition, I've learned the importance of discipline, which I certainly lacked when I was 18. I had to take on responsibilities, since I was an 18 year old in charge of people who were often 28 or older, some of whom might have a pregnant girlfriend, or no money so they couldn't go home; that kind of thing. I was forced to grow up very quickly. It didn't make me any tidier though."

Skrufff: How 'crazy' are you really-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "I am a psychopath! People started calling me crazy when I was still a kid; it's a nickname that's stuck with me ever since."

Skrufff: Are you surprised about the huge buzz surrounding "I'm So Crazy"-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "We never expected such a reaction. Initially our choice was to sample INXS' 'Original Sin' then, listening to its B-side, we discovered 'Just Keep Walking' and we thought it rocked "Just Keep Walking" was the sixth track taken from INXS' first album. It was chosen as a B-side for the American market, because it was more rock oriented."

Skrufff: Were you a big INXS fan-

Par-T-One (Sergio Cassu): "I did listen to them in the '80's, but I wouldn't define myself as a fan. Nevertheless, I was shocked to hear of the tragic deaths of Michael Hutchence and his girlfriend". (Bob Geldof's ex wife Paula Yates).

Skrufff: The British media have labelled y