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Mark Dynamix will make you 'cruise a little higher'

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Sunday, December 16, 2001
The Ministry of Sound Annual 2002. Possibly this years hottest commercial dance compilation- I think so. It may have been only a couple of months ago we were told two of Australia's leading DJ's, Mark Dynamix and Andy Van, will 'captain' the new Ministry of Sound airlines and make us 'cruise a little higher!' Although, "this out of hand joke" all is all forgotten, as now, we all have the 2002 Annual sitting in our CD players.

We managed to catch up with Mark Dynamix a regular Tranzfusion DJ set contributor, who was packing his record box for an overnight trip to Adelaide and pumped and primed ready to play at "Heaven" nightclub. It has been a hectic year for Mark who has released four compilations, constant interstate travel, a radio program on Rhythm FM and currently holds four residencies at local nightclubs around Sydney.

So what happened with what was to be the Ministry of Sound airlines- Did Mark actually know what was going on- "Yes I knew what was going on… We were all amazed with the response, everyone took it so seriously. It was a joke that got way out of hand... We even received TV and Radio coverage because of it… We never thought it would go that far, and people actually believed thought Ministry of Sound could afford to by Millions of dollars worth of planes".

Mark Dynamix has been involved with Ministry of Sound for the last two years. Now with four MOS compilations under his belt and the sales figures of his album releases exceeding their expectations, Mark has been invited back to compile another, the MOS 2002 Annual. "It's a great album and has a wide selection of tracks that covers all sorts of styles… it contains all of the main tracks that have been played in the clubs for the year… and it seems to flow really well".

This is his fourteenth compilation album and I believe one of his best. After only a week and a half after the release it had hit Gold status. Mark was introduced to the MOS crew by colleague Tim McGrath, who had previously worked with Mark producing albums for Central Station.

Will we be expecting any other mix CD's in the near future- "I will keep a lid on it for a while until next year… I have already released 4 (in 2001)… it takes a lot of work and effort to put together these compilations and lot of promotion goes along with it. I'm looking at releasing another one in the middle of next year… for now I am just going to concentrate on my residencies".

Recently, Dynamix's five-year residency at HOME nightclub has come to an end. He has shied away from Sydney's biggest nightclub and will be concentrating on the music that lies close to his heart. "I have been there 5 years, including the one year of Sublime before it changed to Home… I'm no longer there as they have changed their music policy, which does not really fit in with what I play. Now you can catch me every Saturday at Plastic".

How does one start out and make a successful career out of 11 years of DJ'ing- "I actually started with Community Radio, and moved onto backyard parties and house parties which might not sound all that much, but it is the way a lot of DJ's today have started out. Doing those gig's really teaches you how to entertain the crowd and fill the dance floor, because all in all a DJ is really an entertainer…"

While the rest of us treat the festive season as a holiday a break and a great time to party, the other side of the party scene is hard at work and Australia's best DJ's are getting worked overtime. Where will Mr. Dynamix be as the clock strikes 12 on NYE- Plastic in Sydney. "I'm not exactly sure what I should play…. There will be a lot of new people who have started going out this year so I guess should play some of this years tracks... I would like to play something a bit weirder and different…". Even though Mark is still unsure of how he will be driving the crowd, you can guarantee that the dance floor will be nothing but full.

You can catch Mark at his current clubs residencie