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Calvin Tang

Tuesday, May 8, 2001
Name: Calvin Tang
Hometown: Seattle, USA
Dj name: Calvin Tang
Plays: Vinyl
Booking : As a Deejay
Style: Progressive Techno/Trance; Funky House; Breakbeat

Summer Love, Colorado
Burning Man, California
Love Parade, Berlin
Kaanapali, Mauii
Queenstown Festival, New Zealand
Fantasy Island, Orlando FL
Boombox, Phoenix AZ
Clear, Dallas TX
High Society, Portland OR
Praha, Fiji
Clockworks, Santa Barbara CA
Connect, Saskatchewan Canada

Juice @ the Dirty Limit, Victoria
Aquadox @ club Aristocrat
Metropolis, Portland
1015 Folsom, San Francisco
Viper Room, Los Angeles
Graceland, Vancouver BC
Club Paradise, Miami
Chez Wayne's, Nice France
Pink Palace, Corfu Greece
Wild Bill's, Banff Canada
Vertigo, Victoria BC

Biography/Background :
Calvin found his first influences in djing while living near Koln, Germany in 1992.
Being exposed to hard trance and techno in his early experiences set an impression that stuck through the course of his djing career. Soon after he moved back from Germany, Calvin played to a crowd of 2000 in Portland Oregon. No one at the time knew who he was, yet. Subsequently, he was embraced by the groovers in the Pacific Northwest, as his reputation and record collection grew to epic proportions in a relatively quick period of time. In 1995 he ran into a young lady by the name of Lori Ward, who had just gotten interested in djing. She was later to become the Hifi Princess, and the two of them built up the party scene in Victoria British Columbia, to the flourishing size that it is today.
Calvin Tang and Lori the Hifi Princess started a clubnight called Juice @ the Dirty Limit, which helped launch Lori into greater stardom, and solidified Calvin's reputation as a versatile and consistently rockin dj. Around the same time, Calvin was working with Adam Starr (live PA, San Francisco) and the Alien Farm crew in Seattle, performing at many unforgettable shows that brought various young djs into the scene.

Starting from his humble beginnings in Seattle, Calvin later went on to dj in an average of 3 cities a week, while simultaneously earning a premed degree from Seattle University and holding down a residency at one of the first internet based radio stations, Although he eventually went on to headline shows along with the likes of Moby, Juno Reactor, Rabbit in the Moon and Rage Against the Machine, Calvin has never lost track of his roots. He can often times be found playing unannounced at full-moon outdoor parties with Donald Glaude and Dj Dan, or at the odd basement gig thru underground calling list parties, common in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, although he has had the experience of playing nearly every style (with a collection of over 3000 records), Calvin is best known for his progressive trance and techno.

Staying away from epic and vocal styles, he has stayed true to his unmistakable mixture of tribalistic acoustical drums and percussive funk. His music runs deep and abundant with clean snappy sounds and fierce momentum building basslines. This is all topped off with solid 909 style kick drums and flawless and creative mixing. Along with his mastery of music selection and inexplicably smooth mixing style, Calvin offers a committed and professional booking experience. He shows up on time and does not disappoint.
Calvin Tang is known along the West coast United States, as one of the most consistent and reliable bookings a promoter can ask for, resulting in an impressive record of second bookings and positive references.