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A Night Out with John Course and Andy Van...

Author: Wifie @ TranZfusion
Monday, September 24, 2001
'A Night Out with John Course & Andy Van' is Melbourne's Vicious Vinyl co-owners and internationally respected club DJ's John Course and Andy Van's just released fully mixed double CD album full of brand new hot off the shelf house grooves guaranteed to get you rocking…….

"Hello and welcome to the club. John Course and Andy Van are djing tonight; it is already a full house, members and guests only. If you are on the guest list please allow me to check your name. Once inside please go directly to the dance floor, here you will experience some kick back, funky house music. John Course has just started in the main room. Enjoy your night out….."

A robotic voiced intro kicks off the first disk of the double CD, which John Course seamlessly mixes his way through. Renowned for his excellent mixing skills and his preference for fat, funky house, John Course's track selections are that of pure old sckool funked up handbag house. With the tracks selected being perfectly splashed with vocals and a funky bass beats that will make you want to bounce your way onto the dance floor, where ever you may be, and wave your hands in the air. From the soulful uplifting vocals of "Finally" to the funky bass and saxophone of "In The Music" this first CD is the perfect start to a night out……

"Welcome to the second part of your night out. Please welcome DJ Andy Van to the decks. The house music journey continues as we get a little bit harder and pick up the pace. Let's see if you can handle it…….."

Again on the second CD, selected and mixed by Andy Van, we have the robotic voice intro as the first track "Austin's Groove" sets the disc's fresh, up to the minute, groovy progressive house tone. Andy has played just about every important club in Australia over the last decade, building a reputation as one of our most important house selectors and greatly loved DJ's. This second CD has a harder more progressive edge to the tracks selected whilst still keeping the all-important funky soulful vocals and bass beats that house music encompasses. John Course warmed up your dance moves and now Andy Van is giving you the music to show them off with. So what are you waiting for-

If your looking for a double CD that will give you the best of the different areas of house music, funky throw your hands in the air house or harder progressive house sounds, 'A Night Out with John Course & Andy Van' is the
CD for you…….

Disc 1 - John Course
01Switch 2001 - DJ Pierre (Switch Sax Mix)
02Finally - Kings of Tomorrow (Dance Ritual Mix)
03Never - Mass Syndicate (Mass in the Loop Mix)
04So Lonely - Harry & Alex (Main Vocal Mix)
05The Hand That I've Been Dealt - Soul Providers featuring Michelle Shellers (Pound Boys Vocal Mix)
06Over You - Warren Clarke (Original Mix)
07House Music - Luis Radio featuring Sabrina Johnson
08Try My Love - Soul Providers featuring Carolyn Victorian (Original Mix)
09 I Can Do Bad All By Myself - Instep featuring Mintzy Berry (Rooster's Banging Vocal Mix)
10In The Music - Deep Swing (Original Mix)
11Ich Rocke - Bob Sinclar (Original Mix)
Disc 2 - Andy Van
01 Austin's Groove - Kid Crème featuring Shawnee Taylor (Let Me Give)(Eric Morillo Vocal Mix)
02Getting' Nasty - Midnight Creepers featuring Loleatta Holloway (12" Mix)
03Flawless - The Ones (Phunk Investigation Mix)
04Night At The Black - Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero (Main Mix)
05Do What You Want To - New Yorker Soul featuring Shawnee Taylor (Hypnotik Mix)
06Drifting - Mojolators (King Unique Remix)
07Keep On Touchin' Me - Jamiey & Kenny D (Eric Morillo Edit)
08Don't Stop - Spank (12" Mix)
09Warp - 16th Element (Original Mix)
10Harmonizer - Jose Nunez (Sondos Dub Mix)
11Voices - DJ Phenix (12" Mix)
12House Soul - Valentino Kanzyani (12" Mix)