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Keith Edwards - US TranceMaster!

Author: Flammable Productions
Saturday, September 23, 2000
DJ Name: Keith Edwards
Residence: San Jose
Style: TechTrance
Affiliations: Solid Grooves, Resource Records

Booking Info:

Keith Edwards has earned his reputation as a highly magnetic and sensational DJ. His life and work have been devoted to his passion for music. Throughout the years working at Solid Grooves and Resource Records, Keith has learned to fine-tune his ears for the production of music. The music that he selects is always well produced, made with originality and emotion. He refuses to kneel down in front of the top 40 machine, and does not rely on the hits to win applause and cheer from the crowd. Instead, he counts on his impeccable taste in record selection and strives hard to introduce the crowd to a diverse and perpetually dynamic set each time. His style vacillates between a hybrid of Techno and Trance but always with the same focus - HARD!
In a short span of time, this young DJ has already established himself as a highly sought after talent in the San Francisco area. He plays regularly at clubs and parties around the Bay Area and nationwide, and has managed to share the decks with the likes of Donald Glaude, Terry Mulan and DJ Dan.

For Keith DJing is a release. He feeds off the crowd's energy and in turn he fuels the crowd's enthusiasm with his intensity. He confidently drives the crowd through unwavering beats and build ups that never let down until the last song fades out. There are few DJs that match Keith Edwards' drive and energy behind the turntables. "Taking control behind the decks and leading the crowd into a building madness is my mission... I'm an entertainer... that's what they're there for! It makes my night and theirs too!" Keith quotes.

Currently, Keith is working on a series of CDs and tapes called Tech-Trance Excursions soon to be released in early 2000. He is also planning to release a split tape with a cat named Michael Liu in the near future. When prompted about his future plans, Keith states, "I plan to rock it and have fun!"