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Gatecrasher Compilation Sparks Dress Code Controversy

Author: Skruff
Friday, November 17, 2000
Gatecrasher's door policy has come under scrutiny again, as the Sheffield super club gears up for the release of their new mega-dance compilation, National Anthems (out on Sony's Incredible imprint on November 27th). The double CD compilation, containing 44 tunes from the likes of DJ Dan, Timo Maas, Moby and Paul Van Dyk comes inside a faux leather encyclopaedia-style carrying case and carries extensive sleeve notes about the background of what remains a hugely influential club.

Every Saturday night thousands of fanatical Gatecrasher followers descend into Sheffield to celebrate a night that has become so much more than just a club, 7 writer Dan Prince said. For these people, Gatecrasher has now become a way of life, the lion logo a symbol of total dedication, with many spending all week creating their own special outfits for their ritual night out. Some describe it as almost cult-like in the way that they are devoted to Gatecrasher but who can blame them when Saturdays down the Republic are so bloody good-

However, an Essex-based very concerned clubber' who'd travelled 220 miles (360km) to visit the club, complained in the latest DJ magazine that he'd been refused admission because of my dress sense. I admit I'm a cyber-kid and have a fairly extreme dress sense compared to normal people, he said. But I went on GC's website to check their dress code, which states Cyber gear is not prohibited'. Bollox, this dress code should actually read: be dull and boring, wear shoes, trousers and shirt (of, if a woman, wear very little) but don't be imaginative or original.

In fact, Gatecrasher's dress code also bans a wide range of shoes and shirts including Kickers, Rockports and Timbaland shoes and heavily badged tops (YSL, Ralph Lauren, Ben Sherman etc) or any checked shirts. Furthermore, Blue hair is not essential but the right attitude is. We at Gatecrasher appreciate glamour and originality. Cyber gear is not prohibited but at the same time is not the necessary uniform to gain entry into Gatecrasher. If you are unsure of anything, please call us on 0044 (0) 114 276 6777. First timers should probably make that call before setting off.