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DJ Kultcha - Canadian NRG!

Author: Wasa-B
Saturday, September 23, 2000
DJ Name: Dj Kultcha
Residence: Vancouver
Style: Hard Trance/NRG
Affiliations: Wasa-B Records

Booking Info:

Now considered one of Vancouver's pioneers of the UK Hard House and NuNrg sound (the city with undisputedly the strongest NRG scene in North America) - Paul "Kultcha" has establishing a solid reputation for long, flowing mixes and his ability to read a crowd.

From his humble beginnings as a rave fanatic dancing all night in 1991, to finally being able to afford decks in 1996, Kultcha has managed to become one of Canada's leading NRG Djs. In Nov 1999 he won the prestigious "DJ Of The Month" award from Tribe Magazine, based out of Toronto. This included the release of a special mix tape distributed nationally along with an interview in that issue.

He has toured across North America playing events large and small, making stops in such places as: Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Guelph, and Montreal and extensively in his home province of British Columbia in Canada and in the states of Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Idaho in the USA.

Kultcha describes his sound as "Banging Hard House". It's basically a hybrid of styles combining UK and US Hard House, NuNrg, and Techno. While creating his own distinct sound, he cites Karim (UK), DJ Dan (SF), Donald Glaude (Seattle), and DJ Kristian (UK), as influences.

Open minded, he likes to play to any type of crowd, in clubs, warehouses, or the outdoors. The only thing that matters to him is that the groovers are ready to move and have a good time - gangsta attitudes and closed minds can be checked at the door.

Kultcha runs his own record label - "Wasa-B Records" which is Pressed and Distributed through Infectious Distribution in London, UK but run from Vancouver, Canada. Internationally acclaimed Artists such as OD404, Eufex, Base Graffiti, Orange Peel and DJ Kristian all have releases scheduled. Records will be hitting the shelves in November 2000.

Currently in studio - expect to see original music under the name "Kultcha Shock" in late 2000 as well as several joint projects with artists released on both Wasa-B and other independent labels. He brings over 14 years of actual musical experience with him in his musical endeavors including jazz, modern, and classical music - He knows how to play saxophone and clarinet in addition to knob twiddling and hitting the start/stop button on an Technics SL1200mk2.