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DJ Jagz

Author: E-LastikRecordings
Saturday, September 30, 2000
DJ Name: DJ Jagz
Residence: New York/USA
Style: HardTrance
Affiliations: E-Lastik Recordings

Booking Info:

Best known for his hard trance style, he is also known to drop hard techno sets on occation. Currently leaning more into the German trance sound, he still combines the elements of the hard and minimal sound to create a continuous build of dancefloor energy.


EARLY INFLUENCES: C.J. Bolland, Moby, Joey Beltram, Ramirez

DREAM LINE-UP: P.V.D., Sasha, Dave Ralph, Kringle

FAVORITE PRODUCERS: Oliver Lieb, P.V.D., BT, Mauro Picotto

CURRENT PROJECTS: Currently working on material for release on e-lastik as well as doing mixes for other labels.

SUMMARY: With over 12 years in the dance scene in one way or another, he has dee-jayed all over the East Coast, playing primarily in the NJ/NYC area at numerous raves and clubs as
well various Mid-West appearances and occational overseas bookings. His style of hard to epic trance is gauranteed to rock the dancefloor.