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Author: Natural 1
Sunday, January 1, 1995
Sprmint Recordings is one of the newer independent record labels to emerge out of Melbourne. The
brainchild of DJ RSK and Steve Robbins (FSOM), this label represents a broad variety of genres in
electronic dance music from acid to break beat to drum n bass to straight up techno. The first vinyl release
entitled; "songs my mother taught me" by Steve Robbins is a lead up to the label's first CD compilation
due for release later this year. This CD will include tracks by Melbourne's own Steve Robbins, JMP and
Veronica Love Doll. Several other CD projects are planned for this year including remixes by
Davide Carbone (FSOM) and Honeysmack (SMELLY RECORDS). The complete run down on the label is
available on the internet at