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Author: Alias
Sunday, January 1, 1995

Far from just a cut and paste mash up of stolen breaks and obscuresamples, the Freestylers took the basics of breakbeat and brought backexcitement and passion to a style in a major inventive slump. In orderto move forward they had to take a step back, a step back to the olddays of hip hop and dancehall ragga, and in doing so made 'We Rock Hard'one of the years pleasant surprises. It did indeed rock hard. Very hard,so hard in fact it had more power and unrelenting energy of the majorityof their compatriots combined. 'We Rock Hard' demonstrated that theFreestylers totally understood the dynamics of the dancefloor, andwhilst the pool of sounds they used and abused are not anything that wehaven't heard many times before, we have never heard them delivered withsuch fruity b-boy vigour and creativity.