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Tickled Pink #16 - Flavours From Our Past - 25.5.2007

Author: Rysh Proporta
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
After a month off, Tickled Pink returned in May with a special party that featured past 'Flavours Of The Month', Keltec, Steve May, Jeremy K and Luke McD playing alongside the "TP" resident DJs Danni B, Sass, Miss Chris and Elektra. Add a 'Fresh Set' from Nugget and the recipe for installment number sixteen was ready.

After nearly two years of solid parties, Tickled Pink has garnered a name for itself and its resident DJs along side its 'Flavour Of The Month' guest DJ. Held at the friendly venue 'Circus' in South Yarra, the overall sound of the night covers not only that of electro and house, but also other varying sounds to keep all members of the crowd entertained.

This month's Fresh Set was presented by Nugget, opening the first hour-and-a-half of the night for the first 'vs' set between Jeremy K and Miss Chris. A very interesting combination - Miss Chris played some great electro numbers which got the crowd going and was followed by Jeremy doing some nice little FX during his tracks, which helped to further fuel the crowd.

Heading towards 1am, it was time for Luke McD and Elektra, both DJs I hadn't seen previously. With Luke McD beginning his set with a new remix of Outhouse, my expectations for the rest of the set were definitely high and were not disappointed as Elektra met every tune of Luke's.

As the intimate dance floor and bar area became full, it wasn't long before the next duo was up - Danni B and Keltec. From the word go, Keltec and Danni had the crowd in their hands, as Keltec continuously twisted the songs to his desire. Keeping a steady vibe throughout, Danni and Keltec were followed by DJs Sass and Steve May. Adding a bit more variation to their set, they both held their own with highlights including Luke Chable's remix of Vice and Steve's closing tune at 6am. A warmer track than those before it, it ensured a memorable feeling to this special event.

It made it difficult to pick individual highlights, when in fact the night itself was a culmination of memories.

If a nice club, good music, friendly crowd and a great atmosphere is what you look for when you go out, don't look past Tickled Pink. #16 being my first attendance at a TP, I came in with some form of expectations, yet left with those expectations shattered, the night was a success in all aspects. With their next party set to be the big 'Second Birthday Bash', make sure you don't miss out on the next Tickled Pink at 'Circus'.