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RNB Superclub Winter Fest - 19.5.2007

Author: Andrew @ Tranzfusion
Monday, May 21, 2007
On my way up Castleraegh Street, I was thinking about what to expect, as I wasn't given much info on the night (plus it was my first time inside Roof Bar). That all changed as I walked out of the lift. After walking about the club, taking in the atmosphere, I was given a guided tour by a lovely lady called Nat which truly gave me a better feel for the club.

With a rather large dance floor, people were well spread out and were getting into the music, which was really good to see.

With the Roof Bar being a HUGE venue, it was hard to determine how many people were in the club during my two visits, but it would have been about 2-300 by my guess.

I absolutley loved the music - songs I haven't heard for a while, Lil Jon (yeahhhhhhh woot woot), Cassie, 50 Cent. Huge props to MC Jayson for all the mic work and all the DJs for mixing hardcore only on 2 CDJs.

A lot of the staff at Roof Bar seemed very professional and very friendly, which is always a plus in my book.

One thing that puzzled me - as security cleared you to enter you had to present your ID for a photo to be taken. As I was waiting for Nat to meet me on the ground floor, I noticed a couple of unhappy patrons who were not willing to present their ID to the girl at the desk.

Unfortunately, the only down side of the night was not being able to see any photographers on the night which was slightly disappointing, as everyone loves to get their photo taken!

Overall, I would have to rate this extremely high, at around about 8/10. A big thank-you goes out to Jana from Platinum1 for an awesome night.