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Future Music Festival @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl - 11.3.2007

Author: Amanda Storey
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Maybe it's because the Easter holidays are just around the corner, but there always seems to be a few bad eggs that taint excellent Labour Day weekend festivals. In previous years, Two Tribes - Future Music Festival's predecessor - was plagued by drug arrests, overdoses and ensuing media sensationalism. This year, two people were stabbed inside Future Music Festival and a handful of others were charged for drug-related offences. Nonetheless, Future Entertainment can be commended for organising a fantastic event where, for the most part, over 25,000 people danced in the glorious sunshine with smiles emblazoned upon their slightly sunburnt faces.

Felix Da Housecat played his usual electro/rock set on the main stage with the standard classics interspersed throughout (New Order's Blue Monday and Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams). There were occasional moments of creativity, such as the transition from Metallica's Sandman to Mad 8's Work This Pussy, but overall the Big Black Cat's set felt more like a jukebox programmed to 'non-stop hits' than a crafted performance.

Moving to the Mischief- stage, Infusion presented a dynamic and interactive show where, at times, the boys appeared to be having more fun than the audience! Captivating the interest of an attentive crowd right from the get-go, Infusion received jubilant cheers when dropping familiar material (Girls Can Be Cruel) and approving nods when unveiling new tracks from their forthcoming album. A notable highlight was of Manuel spontaneously launching into Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger, initiating a pub anthem sing-a-long moment before returning to the more sophisticated sounds of their own Natural.

Princess Superstar kicked off with the Mason remix of her Perfect whilst she MC'd over the top, leading into the sultry Coochie Coo. Returning to the decks, Miss Superstar unleashed a fun-filled party set with predominantly electro tunes (such as Adam Sky's Ape-X and Vitalic's You Prefer Cocaine) and the occasional novelty track, like the Ghostbusters theme song. It was, however, disappointing that the Princess selected the same opening and closing track (Perfect) to MC to, especially as her album My Machine contains so many other suitable gems. Yet what she lacked in track selection, Princess Superstar most certainly made up with stage presence. Adorned in an intergalactic, orange PVC airhostess costume and with moves provocative enough to make most self-respecting strippers blush, Princess Superstar worked the crowds with winks, air-kisses and a few bump 'n' grinds for good measure.

Nick Warren closed the Global Underground stage with a superb progressive set which gained momentum steadily throughout. The sporadic inclusion of uplifting and melodic electro tracks, such as Björk's Hunter and Juliet's Avalon, provided a softer texture to his deep, dub sounds. Blessed with good timing, Warren played Jacques Lu Cont's remix of The Killers' Mr Brightside as it rained gently, where the water glistened under the lights, counterbalancing the song's twinkling electronica.

Overall, the Future Music Festival was a well-orchestrated event which offered a smorgasbord of dance music delights. Let's hope that this one stays on the festival calendar.