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Famous Night Club Opens In Sydney - 24.3.2007

Author: -=InDiCa=-
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

With a guest list of around 1000 people, I'm not sure how they managed to get in all the people that weren't on the list. With the line backed up all the way back to the Imax theatre and rumours flying through the crowds of '9000 people on the guest list, I don't think we are going to get in, look at this line!' was the main consensus amongst the group, yet there they stayed in the rain and wind, determined to set foot in this club because it looked popular.

I have to admit from the moment I walked into the club I could tell it was different from my usual haunts like Club Plastic. Coming from a trance and hardcore background, I'm not used to going to house and electro clubs, so it was quite a culture shock for me, so to speak.

The crowd was the first major difference that I noticed, from groups of ravers all wearing bright clothes and smiling, friendly faces to this dark atmosphere with these scantily clad people, who wouldn't give you the time of day unless you were beneficial to their cause - it was pretty unnerving for me. The drunken, undulating bodies all around me screaming their idle conversations over the already blaring music didn't bring much light to my night either.

As far as the music was concerned, there was definitely an eclectic collection being played. From Trix & Goodfella on the terrace playing a funky remix of Sail away, to the deep house and electro pumping out of the speakers in the Infamous Theatre by Crispin, and everybody's all-time favourite Jump around being remixed in the main room by Goodwill.

In the main room, which was being broadcast on Nova 96.9 FM live at the time, Goodwill pulled out Free by Ultra Nate and the whole crowd chorused together, "Cause you're free/To do what you want to do/You've got to live your life/Do what you want to do!" They reached their hands to the ceiling and, as the melody came back to its peak, the crowd moves collectively as one, thrashing, jumping and throwing themselves about feeling the beats resonating through their bodies.

As 12:30am rolls around (11:30pm daylight savings time), the tunes get to a massive volume and the bass is pounding. I feel a certain fear that, at any moment, the speaker stacks hanging over head will vibrate out of their holders. Soon, though, that fear is forgotten as two lovely ladies saunter out from behind the DJ and climb gracefully onto large black boxes positioned on either side of the DJ booth. Dressed in black, almost burlesque outfits, swinging lacy black umbrellas, they dance for the crowd, posing and spinning to the tribal beats. Cat calls and wolf whistles greet them and only seem to encourage their flirtatious glances and sexy dance moves.

The rain didn't even seem to dampen the mood of the punters who continued to stand in line through the downpour and the biting winds. They all seemed to be let in by 2am, as the crowd downstairs in the main room and also the mezzanine became so crowded that you could barely move a single step without running into five different people! To avoid this, I moved upstairs to the Terrace to here the Dux Nuts DJs play. Even though there was the same amount of room to move here, I managed to make my way to the front to see one of the DJs producing music live by playing on a mini-keyboard - for the record, I was nothing short of impressed by this guy, because it sounded amazing.

I stayed around that room and the bar for a while to dance and see if I could mingle with the commoners, but I feel that I would have had more success trying to get a brick wall to sing the national anthem! It seems that everybody there had their own cliques that they were a part of and everyone else was either ignored or asked if they were personally known. I did not feel a part of the crowd at all, shunned for talking to people I didn't know and stared at for n