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EVENT REVIEW: Summadayze Melbourne 2007 - 1.1.2007

Author: Anthony Favero
Sunday, January 7, 2007
Summadayze - 1st January 2007
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Summadayze has become a Melbourne institution and yet the first one seems like only yesterday. In actual fact I went to the very first one and it was clear back then that this dance event was going to grow into what it is today: an extravaganza.

The queue to enter the venue was just huge! The length of the queue must have been close to one kilometre. It was moving rather quickly although you would have never guessed on first impressions. The look of despair on the punters faces when they first saw it was priceless! It must be noted that the staff did a great job in handling such an enormous amount of people. Especially when it was the day after New Years Eve as there were already a few sorry looking faces before they had even entered the venue.

On arrival into the Sidney Myer Music Bowl the main stage area was completely full and the grass area filling up at an unbelievably rapid pace. John Course played a typically solid set and Mark James decided to play a Back in Black AC/DC remixed track which was out of left field and had the crowd undecided whether they were enjoying it or not. Darren Emerson was slow to start but built the momentum up gradually and before too long the crowd had their hands in the air cheering away. By this stage of the day everywhere in the venue was just full of people, either dancing away, lazing on a picnic rug or queuing for drinks. For those who were a little more adventurous a play in the foam dance pit seemed to please many.

Who would have guessed that it would rain for a second year in a row- Fortunately it only lasted for an hour or so but it was heavy enough get plenty of people completed soaked to the bone. Not long after the sun shined bright and with an intensity that ensured that even the formerly drenched were starting to turn bright red. Not enough slip, slop and slapping going on but plenty of clapping.

I wandered around to the trance tent to capture Judge Jules playing. Jules was just as excited as everyone else as he was jumping around the stage soaking up the atmosphere. It proved to be a great motivator as he played one of the best sets that I have seen him DJ over the years. And yes, there were certainly a lot of tops off, tumble rolls and the usual dance moves that I must admit I do find very entertaining.

Basement Jaxx played an extremely varied mix of tunes that ranged from the The Prodigy's Smack my Bitch Up to MC Hammer U cant touch this remix. Never the less, the mixing was technically quite exceptional although the flow of the music occasionally was confusing.

The surprise act of the day had to be Bodyrockers as they played an absolutely amazing set. They were more of a live rock / electronic show than just a DJ set. With a guitar player, vocalist and other electronic instruments creating the live sound it had everyone in awe! The radio versions of their more well known tracks don't do them justice, as live they had a completely different vibe that was extremely interactive and really drew you into the music.

Scott Bond pulled out a few very old school Gatecrasher tracks that I doubt many would have known, but for me were a nice surprise. Like many of the DJs that played on the day, they were spurred on by the crowd's excitement and that made the atmosphere something special and something to remember.

Back to the main stage and as dusk set, Axwell was pumping out the tunes to a fully packed main stage, lawn area and there seemed not a tiny bit of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl to be seen between thousands of smiley happy faces. Up next, Bob Sinclar to bring it home and that he sure did.

A full, huge day, rain and sun in typical Melbourne fashion. So who could have wished for a better start to the year than to leave in a Dayze in the Summa-!