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Trentemoller - 24.3.2006 - Royal Melbourne Hotel

Author: Phil Watkins
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Trentemoller shows us what world class means:

There are few electro fan that don't know and cherish the name Trentemoller. It's amazing that after just one massive year in 2005 and with around twenty remixes and productions, that this man has become a household name so soon. You can imagine then the excitement when it was announced that he was coming down with his old production partner DJ Tom to visit our shores for a slamming two hour live set.

When the Royal Melbourne Hotel was picked as the venue I thought that maybe it was a bit small for such a big name. When I walked in I was greeted by something that I haven't in a Melbourne club in awhile: people everywhere! In every corner and space there was a punter full of anticipation waiting for the man to come on stage while maxing out to Gavin Keitel and one of his famous slow groove sets.

SOmething I must mention about the crowd was the apparent lack of women! It made me realise then and there that one of the reasons why Trentemoller has become so famous is his complete appeal to DJs all over the world. Dark and dirty electronic bass lines and melodies, crowd pleasing guitars; this was definitely a gig for the trainspotters. As expected, the roar of appreciation that rang through the packed main room on his and DJ Tom's entrance was huge.

Anders kept things slow and grooving for about half an hour, showcasing the deep electronic groove with big breakdowns and bass lines which, I might add, he played live on his synth all through his set. What amazed me throughout this show was that this artist not only has the ability to put out some great original work live and off the cuff but can also make any old song his own. A secret to his success with some of the best remixes of last year coming from him.

Versions of Go by Moby and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson all carried the Trentemoller brand combined with his famous remixes of Royskopp and Yoshimoto and some old German techno thrown in, making the two hours pass so quickly. The energy in the room was unbelievable, breakdown after massive breakdown causing things to go nuts more than a few times in what was most definitely one of the best live shows in the world at the moment.

With Dave Pham finishing strongly I reckon Lasergun and Sunny should be pretty happy about the event and more of it please..!!!