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The Dirty Secret Boat Cruise!! - 20.10.2006

Author: Anth
Thursday, November 2, 2006
Dirty Secret Boat Cruise 2006-10-20
Victoria Star Cruise Ship

After traveling abroad for close to three months I was finally back in Melbourne town and off to my first gig "gainfully employed"- the "Dirty Secret Boat Cruise". With all the fantastic weather that Melbourne had been experiencing I was rather annoyed like so many others I spoke to before boarding the ship about the poor rainy and generally quite freezing conditions.

The cruise ship left the doc at half past eight and proceeded to do a lap of the bay. Danni B was first to play, with a blend of fairly upbeat tunes that seemed to be aimed at jump starting the enthusiasm of the crowd on board. The early start had most people gasping for air trying to frantically get there on time before the cruise departed. The unfortunate affect meant that it took everyone quite a while to settle into the night. I have seen Danni B play quite a few times, and unfortunately I was a little disappointed that she was unable to play her usually mind blowing set of good dirty hard electro beats. The young crowd lapped it up though- pragmatic DJing at its best.

I walked around the cruise ship and noticed a group of young guys wearing and handing out what appeared to be glow slicks. One of them wore one of the glow sticks as a bracelet so I thought I would ask him what fashion tips he had for me and why he brought them along. He proceeded to tell me and I quote "because their cool man!" enough said, so I continued along my journey and spotted a very excited group of girls. Prenisha, one of the group, rushed over and asked if she could have my photo taken with her. Of course I obliged as such the gentleman I am. She told me that she was leaving for London indefinitely and this was her final night out with all her friends. She did tell me a dirty secret but I was sworn to secrecy not to write it in this review, but I must admit it was rather entertaining! They were enjoying the night and thought the venue was a nice refreshing change than the usual club environment.

DJ Lorne Padman was quite animated which went well with the style of music that was been played. He was dancing around the decks like he had a monkey on his back. The music was quite progressive but still maintained a nice upbeat electro feel. The crowd was definitely enjoying it as there were very few people sitting down at this stage. Quite a few tall guys were struggling to get comfortable while hunched over dancing around due to the low ceiling on the upper deck. However, they did persist, mainly because of the number of beautiful ladies that were on board.

What an extremely attractive crowd! It was like a spring carnival event only at night. Pete the photographer was certainly enjoying the effort made by all. I spoke to a couple that won tickets to the event that were a bit shy to begin with. One of them was sitting on a chair looking a bit lost and the other raring to go! I went and encouraged them to get out there on the dance floor but at that stage to no avail. After about half an hour passed the two of them were on the dance floor rocking away with smiles ear to ear! At this point Jazz was playing and he was getting the crowd up and moving.

The atmosphere had changed significantly towards the end of the night compared to it's beginning. The tunes were getting faster and little bit more dark and dirty. The live cross to Kiss FM gave the crowd that little bit extra incentive to make some noise. Just as everyone was beginning to find there dancing shoes it ended some what abruptly and slightly earlier than I had, and others anticipated, as if Cinderella's coach turned into a pumpkin at midnight!

Looking forward to Derby Night Tickled Pink #10- bring it on!