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Nyd Bbq Breaks 06 - 1.1.2006

Author: &ru @ Tranzfusion
Wednesday, January 4, 2006
3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!

And what a happy new year it was! Once again, the Ten Pond Crew treated Brisbane to a wonderful first day of the year. Plenty of sun, happy people, great music and a fair splash of alcohol, too. The perfect start to a year that promises much.

The musical line up for BBQ Breaks 2006 was good with a focus on breaks and D&B, but also plenty for house and even hip-hop for fans to get excited about. While topping the international line up of last year (with Middleton and Pooley headlining) would have been difficult, the combination of Andy Smith, Bent, ILS and a strong local contingent looked set to slam out quality tunes from go to woe.

The venue itself was well laid-out with four stages this year. The main stage was again inside in the main room overlooking the river but the pick was the outside stage that overlooked the fountains and the Storey Bridge. Such a great setting, especially as the sun fell away to provide a spectacular sunset. The only failing for the venue was the air conditioning. The AC really didn't cut it and it got very hot inside - especially in some of the DJ booths! Perhaps it was just the influx of people (there were probably a good 30% to 40% more people than last year) or perhaps mechanics played a part. On the plus side, it led to free water being handed out at all the bars (as it should be).

The music started out a little uninspired on a few stages but that quickly gave way to quality tunes as DJs got into their groove. With four stages on the go, plenty of locals were on-song and the crowds were dancing just as hard to the locals as the internationals. It really was a day for fun and music... it didn't matter who put on that favourite song just so long as someone did. Of particular note was the set be one of Australia's premier deep house DJs and producer DJ Freestyle. His set was extended due to CDJ problems which kept Magoo from playing. Freestyle stepped up to keep the crowd grooving until the Brisbane D&B legends, Rudeboyz, could take the helm. Not to be outdone, Bent, ILS and Andy Smith each laid down great sets with big crowds in support. The set from ILS was perfectly balanced and the crowd really got behind the feel.

On the whole, the Ten Pond Crew did a great job of welcoming in the New Year. As I walked around, I saw nothing but smiling faces, people telling jokes and general good times. The perfect start to 2006 and let's hope BBQ Breaks 2007 is just as much fun.