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Nubreed Y4k Album Launch - 10.3.2006

Author: Phil Watkins
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Nubreed - Live at Fractured for the Y4K Launch

With Nubreed scaling back their shows in Melbourne, you really won't find much opportunity to catch them for a while, making last Friday particularly significant.

With a new 'Y4K' compilation that is set to rock the world, I was more keen than usual to see how they were going to smash it up for us this time. Word about town spread quickly that, in between touring, the boys had been in the studio working hard on a massive follow up album to 'The Original'. This was going to be the show where we would get a sneak peek!

Fractured and Dark Beat have been lifting the roof every week with Die and Clipz the week before. Furthermore, Melbourne favourite, Brown Alley, is fast becoming a weekly home to broken beats of any kind.

Rollin Connection, a duo fast on the rise, warmed the crowd well with some heavy bass laden breaks tunes and the place was vibed for a big night when Nubreed hit the stage. It was definitely business as usual when One Day boomed from the speakers. Everyone mobbed the front of the stage and the atmosphere began to lift to a new level.

It wasn't until a new remix of Anthem by N Joi was heard, did I realise that Nubreed have moved their live show to a new space. They had the place jumping! This tune is definitely reason to go and see them live again as their trademark dirty breaks killed it once again.

With an extended mix of last year's smasher Tokyo, a tune co-produced with Luke Chable, a possible new single which will be eagerly anticipated once it hits the floors later on this year combined with old hits revisited like Qurious, all had a great night. Nubreed continue to be the group that DJs, musician's and people in the know go and see to let their hair down, and for me at least this will not change for a long time to come!