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Mischief Presents Sander Kleinenberg - 25.11.2006

Author: Amarra Stock
Monday, December 4, 2006
A dirty little warehouse party is exactly what it was….
Sat the 25th of November saw all sorts of DJ loving fans arrive at the Public Office. Some were there to just to be a part of the next instalment of the mischief- series, others were there to see the master DJ Sander Kleinenberg.

Walking up to the Public Office I could hear the bass pumping out, excitement running through me, anticipation raising at the thought of being in the same room as my most favourite DJ, something I had been waiting for since before the release of "Everybody".

Walking in I was greeted with the tracks of Andy Knight, a perfect way to get the crowds going.. Looking around I was surprised to see so many good looking people... this was my first mischief- event, and I could see that a lot of it was for the fashionable people, and as the night progressed this thought was confirmed.

The tension was rising, as it was getting close to 1am. People were moving closer to the stage, finding their positions, and getting their last lot of drinks before the Kleinenberg began. As he was announced, the crowd roared, the atmosphere was electric and I was finally about to hear the man who introduced me to progressive house.

He began with some dirty bassed up tracks, it was like he was reflecting the venue, I was waiting to recognise some of the tracks I had come to know and love… Then I looked around to see that there were still people walking around. At events like these no one leaves their spot until the set is over. I was getting pushed from one side to the other, thinking I was in some kind of pathway, I decided to move.. Until this happened again.. All of this making me see that there was little appreciation for the man himself, confirming to me that this was in fact a crowd here for the sake of it, not for this guru of progressive.

I was shocked to hear the set was turning into tracks of trance and electro, it was hard to follow and nothing like I'd heard from him before, he was reverting back to his early days rather than playing what he'd become known for. I began to feel quite out of place, it was like I'd stepped into Vodafone arena at 2Tribes.

Kleinenberg began to do what he does best, turning tracks of other peoples into his own, he took Australia's Rogue Traders and flipped it upside down turning it round and moving into 'Go' made well know by Moby. My faith was being restored

The carpark was hot and the air was getting thick, so I went upstairs to see what and who was up there, and was greeted by the tracks of Midnight Juggernaughts. Surprisingly there were quite a few people up there, dancing drinking and staying away from the heat downstairs.

My interest in Kleinenberg was getting too great so I returned to the carpark. Everyone was on fire enjoying the mix of trance, electro and progressive house being thrown around the air. I found myself, like others, getting lost in the moment and loving the ever changing sounds the masterful Kleinenberg was producing…

The tension increased as the end of his set was coming closer and closer. It was as if everyone knew that he would be leaving us, and of course, we'd be left wanting more. And, in true Kleinenberg style he wowed the crowd. His ending was amazing and the roar from the adoring audience was deafening. All I can say is it was over too fast. Let just hope that its not too long before he returns to mesmerise us all again.