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Miguel Migs: Naked Music 2006 Australian Tour @ Uber, Brisbane - 24.4.2006

Author: &ru @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Miguel Migs, the legendary deep house producer with over 100 releases to his name, was down under this week to promote his latest venture with Naked Music: 'Get Salted'. Originally planned to grace Uber with gorgeous deep house tunes, the set ended up shifting to The Monastery due to ANZAC day licensing problems. Luckily it all got sorted out, the punters didn't get lost and The Monastery pumped for three hours of solid Migsy goodness!

The set itself had a superb feel to it and moved through a range of different house sub-genres in a wonderful fashion. Things started in typical Migs style with big baselines, catchy melodies and the odd happy vocal thrown in. The crowd loved this first hour and he only really lost the buzz with an RnB influenced track. Migs quickly got things back into the groove with Takin' Me Over and snuck an Aussie connection in with One-Two, One-Two (from his first City Sounds EP, 'Sydney').

As the hour hand ticked past one, things moved deeper with a raft of quality West Coast tracks culminating in Love To Be (In San Francisco). He even managed to sneak in some disco house and the odd funky track with diva vocals; a truly diverse range of tracks that flowed together perfectly. And that really is Migs' gift: brilliant programming. He is not big on looping or effects and doesn't cut up his tracks or bring in obscure acapellas. Instead he just plays solid tunes and leads the crowd. For the final hour he led us to a tougher, techier edge and finished, after the crowd chanted "one more, one more" for a minute or so, with a brilliant break-beat track containing funky house and disco house elements as the encore. No one had ever heard it before and perhaps it was a sneak peak at a new release - I sure hope so!

Mention must also be made of the warm-up set by Brisbane's own deep house legend, DJ Freestyle. I hadn't seen Freestyle smile so much while behind the decks in an age. He seemed to really love the set and the crowd did too! The Monastery was absolutely rockin' by the time Migs approached the decks and hearing really good, underground house at The Monastery (from a local DJ no less) made for a wonderful change. Hopefully we'll see Freestyle at The Monastery more often.

So the night with Miguel Migs came to a close at 3:00am and an air of satisfaction fell over the crowd. We'd been treated to quality tunes by a quality producer / DJ. I for one can't wait for him to come back… and I heard from a reliable source that he "really enjoyed" Brisbane so hopefully he'll return sooner rather than later.