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INTHEMIX.2006 Feat Ben Watt - 2.12.2006

Author: Phil Watkins @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, December 7, 2006
Ben Watt gives a Master Class for ITM Crew

Right now there is a change happening in the world of deep house. Forever the purveyor of the genre Ben Watt has been pushing the boundaries of deep house for the last two years and now it seems the world is catching on. With the now international success of his label Buzzin' Fly Records and each release taking a new direction form the last one, Ben's visit to our shores has been probably one of the most anticipated all year.

After smashing it two years ago for Good Vibrations with his Lazy Dog Sound System, it took ITM and their annual mix compilation to bring Ben out again as himself for a whirlwind tour of the country with a little bit of time for Ben to catch some of the poms getting slaughtered in the Ashes but that's a whole different story.

It was for his music that we congregated at Room 680 and for me personally it was the opportunity to see one of the artists who has changed the way I play music forever. When walking into Room, I greeted by an almost full house of heads some shocked by the pace of the music. Slow and sexy house music filled the room from the start with some of the smoothest mixing I have ever heard from a DJ before. With accapellas that only Ben Watt could turn out, we were treated to Bjork instrumentals layered with beautiful deep progressive uplifting house music all together with some of the fresh releases that have come out of Buzzin' Fly over the last year, not of course forgetting the Everything But the Girl classics a lot of which got the treatment live with Ben using accapellas from Tracey Thorn's older days to previewing a new release from her new album which is going to be a massive hit and due for release early next year.

In short this set left me mystified and excited about what is come as this new style of deep house that has main room credibility is going to just get larger and larger and I think I'll be catching Ben Watt every time he comes out here for a bit of a masterclass!